May 24, 2024

11 thoughts on “Texas Relatives Galore

  1. Thank you for posting the pictures! It’s been so long since I have seen everyone. I want to go to Belton now. Not sure if I have told you yet, but I have a 4 yr old daughter now, Aryanna. She’s been mine since Dec 16th, 2011.

    1. If you have a story from your father and care to write it down, I’d be happy to post it here. I would like to read it and I think many others would also.

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    1. I tried submitting an article to that ViewsHound site, but it never works. I tried 2 different stories at least 8 times and there is always something wrong, or Google crashes.
      I also tried to submit a picture, but the same thing happens.
      I gave up. Maybe I’ll try again later.

  3. Okay John I will share with you a bit of wisdom that I gained from the show called Manswers. In order to determine the gender of the young lady that you have been romancing all night you just have to look at the index finger. On men it is shorter than the ring finger and on women it is the same length. Boy what I would have given to know this earlier in life. Haha joking! or am I? wink wink! I enjoyed your pictures. I have been working on my site but am taking a break to prepare for our Paqciuo party. We are the only ones in our place to get the pay per view so we invite everyone to come and watch and have lunch. I think this is the fourth time we are doing this. It is a great way to meet everyone. Also it makes me more approachable to everyone because they find out that I am friendly. I was teasing my friend that is the lay priest at our barrio church this morning. I told him that he is gonna be awful lonesome there at the church on Sunday morning because everyone will be at my house for the fight.

    1. I use to watch Manswers all the time. In fact I was watching a couple of their videos today. The one about washing a car with their boobs and does size matter (in guns).
      I don’t know if you are joking or not, and I really don’t want to know either.
      Glad you liked the pictures, but I wish I had more current ones.
      I will not be watching the fight. I’m not interested in boxing, but just about everyone else around here will be watching. Of course if they have free beer and eats, I’ll be there.
      I hope that Congressman Paqciuo loses actually. I doubt he will though.

      1. You might want to keep you good wishes for Paqciuo’s opponent under your hat. He is the only modern day hero here in the Philippines so we have to respect that. I have no interest in boxing what so ever. I just enjoy doing something nice for my friends and family. Something like this gives people a chance to meet me that are otherwise shy to talk with me. The only sports that I follow is New York Jets football. Sorry aout your Cowboys. I really liked them in the Staubach days.

        1. I would only tell the relatives here about my wish for him to lose, although a couple of them agree with me. I just think he has gotten too big for his britches. How is he a Congressman? It’s only because he has money because he sure isn’t educated enough to be there. But that’s how the Philippines run, on people buying their way into politics. It’s one of the reasons why things are so messed up here. The biggest disappointment though is that people actually take the bribes and vote for that person. I guess it’s really no different than a lot of other countries though. I’m sure that even in the US people are taking bribes in some form or another.

  4. Hi UJ: Thank you for listing my article on ViewsHound-Philippines-nation of Fiestas and Festivals. I am again very impressed on your daily hits. Hopefully these hits will turn into adsense dollars for you in the future.
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    1. Howdy again. I read your article about your childhood experience and it reminded me of a similar story that Lita’s Uncle (Poppa) told me here. Yours is quite a bit more in depth though. He is 90 years old and he has a lot of gaps in his stories, but he does remember the landing in Leyte by MacArthur, he was there. He said that when he saw the American planes flying overhead, he cried because he was so happy. There will be a link in my next post, probably tomorrow, to that article.
      As for the hits turning into AdSense dollars, well that comes very slowly. I wish to find a way to make money with this blog and/or my stories faster and more of the dollars. Right now, after about 6 months I have slightly over $60 in my AdSense account and I’m not allowed to withdraw it until I reach $100. So I have not gotten anything from the blog yet. I see blogs that don’t get near as many hits as I do and they make money, so I keep thinking I’m not doing something I should be doing. I hear stories of companies that will pay you to write for them and I’m hoping that they will somehow find out about my site and hopefully give me a chance to impress them. Somehow or another, the time will come. I’m going to keep trying and hopefully someday it will happen.

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