May 22, 2024

2 thoughts on “Thursday – 10 Feb

  1. John some more good info,I have never seen one of those mavericks,looks about same size as the Kia pride i used to
    own when i lived in Subic,price on the car sounds good we will be using that service when we get there.Has the new market opened yet?Have you thought of putting a sign up in your eatery about your car and driver rental people stoping in that have friends visiting might be able to pass it on that way,just a thought.

    1. The cars here have so many different names that I’ve never heard of in a car model. I have no idea what it compares to in the US because I never considered buying such a small car, so I didn’t pay that much attention.
      Lita and Titing have been telling me that the price of the Nissan needs to be more like P3500, but only when going out of town. Just so anyone knows, diesel prices are high here (about P50 per liter, so $4.50 per gallon). Gas is a little bit higher, about P4 (.10) higher. I know the Nissan uses diesel and I’ll find out about the Sportage, Maverick and the multi-cab.
      That might be a good idea about the sign. The sign Cathy has to put loads on the cell phones gets lots of attention, but it’s a store made sign. I’d have to make a sign that people would notice.
      Any idea when you would be visiting our fair little city?

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