May 24, 2024

6 thoughts on “Tambis, New Site, Texas (Yahoo)

  1. I hear kittens make great squid bait, about all they are good for I’m tired of all the strays around here, about filipinas, they have selective hearing and understanding and short attention spans, plus if they give you no reply then consider their answer a NO!and they are never wrong , its always the Kano’s fault for not understanding them
    LOL god I love my wife and my life here though!

    1. We don’t have that many stray cats hanging around here … yet, just the dogs. When we got back the kittens were in a different box and the door was nailed shut. Mama couldn’t get in there if she wanted to. I haven’t seen her around, but the kittens are still moving. I don’t know how long the door has been shut so tightly.
      I think I have selective hearing too.

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