May 25, 2024

6 thoughts on “No Club for Poor CD Charger

  1. I know where you can get up-to-date articles for your calbayog corner. I know some journalists here in Samar who publish articles everyday.

  2. ” did a quick search for the Osan NCO Club, but I didn’t really find anything. ” My neighbors here are family to a retired/disabled airforce staff sargent, he and his wife live in korea, he is still a civialian military advisor on a korean /American airforce base there,his filipino family, n laws,adopted children live here in our compound , he also owns the JBR banka,barge, that does the trips to Almagro. If he is not on the base you speak off I’m sure he will know about it, I will ask the family for his phone number and/or email today so you can contact him.

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