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8 thoughts on “Sunday – 27 Mar 2011

  1. Brown outs is probable going to get worst if they hook Mindano to the grid from Leyte like they are talking about without building more power plants. Power for Samar comes from Geothermo plant from Leyte and if they require more power on Leyte then they can produce, then who do you think they are going to drop off the grid, Samar. This is probable why there are so many brownouts.

    1. Nothing about the electricity would surprise me here anymore. They are building a new power grid here on Samar, only a couple of kilometers from our house. You’d figure that with the new hotel and big new mall coming they’d do something to get rid of that problem.
      It’s too bad that there is only 1 electric company here, they get away with murder.

  2. You’ve got our rain record beat, John. Had 10 days of rain in a row in Guimaras where we live in August 2010. Our brownouts have been averaging around 6 a month, but the longest one has only been an hour. It is difficult to work on a blog when you don’t have power for the computer.I usually go out and take pictures.

    Good luck on that website that uses you for a business reference. Doubt if they will reply to your email. By the way, I can make comments now without seeing what I write disappear on the right margin. Whatever wasn’t working for me before is working now.

    1. Well the record is still growing. So far today, the 16th day, no rain. Maybe when we have our brownouts I should go take pictures, but it’s been raining too, so that’s a pain.
      Yeah I doubt I can do anything about that website, but they are not really hurting me. Guess they are just too lazy to get their own site.
      Glad you’re problem is solved. Not sure if it was something you did or I did to resolve it, but as long as it is resolved, that’s all that matters.

  3. Maybe you can sue for property rights for a couple of million pesos and build your mansion in Calbayog like you want. Ha Ha.

    1. I’ll probably not be able to do a dang thing about it, but a couple of million pesos could build the house I want I think. I’d probably need twice that to build and get everything I want here done.

  4. I don’t know what they use in Asia to size their units but it should be the same as the states seeing as how most A/C units are being built there now. It should be BTU, 12,000 BTU equals 1 Ton of cooling. This should cool an area about 450 sqf. But you have to take into account how much insulation is in the walls,ceiling. Windows, which way they face to sun, how many and if they are sealed. And how many people are using the room wether they are sleeping or dancing. And then how many people are running in an out leaving door open.

    1. Yeah BTUs that’s what I meant, not cu. But I still only have a 5,000 btu a/c with all concrete walls. Not too much dancing in the bedroom these days. I still have a problem with the door being open all the time though.

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