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16 thoughts on “Sunday – 27 Feb 2011

  1. I am pretty sure you should be able to buy what you want on Guam with 2 different BX there. They probably have everything as in the states. Air fare will be more because flight is longer. Why not check and see if military has flight and you and wife can go space available, won’t cost you.

    1. Space A would be great, but where would we start at out of the PI? Bases aren’t here anymore.
      I checked those prices and you are right about them being higher. If I can find Space A, we’ll do that.
      If not, then it’ll be Hong Kong or Korea. I’m still pulling for Korea.

  2. John, you’ll enjoy HK. I was underimpressed with it but it was an agreeable place. It reminded me a lot of Chinatown in Manhatten. Almost everyone you encounter speaks english and there are a lot of westerners there. A lot of Aussies too. You won’t get the stares you are getting now. And the subway system is easy to use and inexpensive. I highly recommend the subway for getting around. All-in-all not a bad place to visit.
    If you are going out-of-country for visa reasons, you may consider Guam. Not too far away and is “U.S. soil”. Not sure about the cost of travel but there are US bases there for you to shop.

    1. You know you are absolutely right about Guam. We’ve never been there either. I’ll check it out to see which one is least expensive because the money is really the only thing at this time that might stop us from going to Korea. We still may go there, I’d rather go there, but if we can’t afford it, then we can’t afford it. Thankfully this first year should be the only time we have to worry about not having the money to go.
      Thanks for commenting and reminding me about Guam.

      1. I agree about Guam. I have never been there either but I have a retired US Navy friend in Angeles City that goes there once a year. He goes there with two pretty much empty suitcases and comes back with them full.

        1. I wonder how big the commissary and BX are there? Does anyone know if I’d be allowed to bring back some ‘American’ hot dogs or even cold cuts?

  3. I agree about the mall. It is one more piece of the puzzle to make Calbayog an even better place to live. Having a quality hotel like the Ciriaco and a mall will only encourage more businesses to locate there. It will also lead to more infrastructure improvements and, cross my fingers, higher internet speeds. With improvements like these, we could abandon Angeles City and relocate to Samar.

    1. And if they built the mall here in Bagacay…we’ll be right in the middle of all the growth. I’m sure hoping for it, since we plan to have that restaurant.
      As long as it helps the Filipino people around here, that’ll be the big thing for me.
      Kalispell, Montana??

      1. Yes, the mall will lead to more employment which is certainly a good thing for the locals.

        Yes, I am currently in Kalispell MT where it is a balmy 14 with a forecast high today of 28. Yee Haw!!

        1. Dang it’s 14 degrees there and -8 degrees in Canada with Blair and about 80 in my little room here. I think I like it here better.

    2. I think the last thing Calbayog needs is to be like angeles city. God Forbid that was to happen. One of the things that is really nice about calbayog is there isnt the wild sleezy things happening. I think the mall is a good idea, but i think also eventually will lead to more crime and tourists for the wrong reasons. The same way it is in angeles.

      1. Well there is some night action, but not much. Let’s hope that the city takes measures from the get go against such things.
        I actually prefer to be away from all the action, but if we’re going to have a restaurant, it’s best to be right were the action is.

      2. Calbayog will never be anything like Angeles City even if it continues to grow. It is too far off the beaten path. The foreigners that will move there will be married guys like John and me that are looking for a clean and quiet place to live.

        I don’t think the mall will lead to an increase in least I hope not.

        1. Well as I have stated, I don’t have anything against ‘the ladies’ plying their trade, but it’s not good for a neighborhood to have that around. There are a few ‘short time’ hotels in the area already, but only a few and as long as that number doesn’t increase, I think it’ll be okay. They shouldn’t allow it to be around the mall area anyway, bad for business and because it looks like we’re going to be right here in the middle of it all.

  4. I must admit that I had never heard of the celebrity that stayed at the new hotel. The Philippines seems to be more celebrity obsessed than here in America and it is pretty obsessed here too.

    I hope you get a chance to review some restaurants. I know there are some good ones that most people will never know about because they are not in the city proper. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant we ate at south of your place. You drive further south along the highway, make a left hand turn (which is silly to say left since you certainly can’t turn right) and drive down a narrow street to the end and there is a great restaurant there. George loves it as they have a fish pond and he loves to watch the fish swim. The food is excellent and super low priced. We have been there twice and both times I had the breaded shrimp. 13 very large, fresh breaded shrimp for 150P.

    Something to note for your readers. I don’t think any of the hotels accept credit cards. Jen checked on the Ciriaco in early February and they told her “not yet”. Maybe they will accept cards in the future but I would not hold my breath on that. Jen’s cousin has a German boyfriend who came to visit last July. This was his first trip to Samar and he did not bring much cash as he was used to using his credit card or ATM card. He ended up running out of money and all the ATMs were offline which is not an uncommon experience in Calbayog. He ended up borrowing money from my wife in order to even get out of town. Personally, I was surprised that he did not bring much cash with him especially since he is not new to the Philippines. Anyone who has travelled the islands knows that cash is king, especially in the Provinces.

    Hong Kong is great. I have never been to Korea, just the airport. We are planning on going back to Hong Kong in October for George’s 3rd birthday. He has his passport and I think age 3 is a good age for the Disneyland there. He loves Toy Story movies and they are adding a Toy Story area as part of their expansion. I know he will love it as did Jen when we went there in 2006.

    1. I’ve never heard of her either, but there was a lot of interest in her hanging around.
      I’m looking forward to reviewing the restaurants actually. I plan to do about a dozen. I’ll ask about that restaurant you are talking about. I want to bring Lita someplace that she would like, and that sounds pretty good. I just went to ask Lita about that restaurant and she says she knows it’s there, but not the exact location.
      Yes Blair mentioned about the credit cards already, but it’s always good to have confirmation.
      I try not to use the ATM’s because my bank in the States (Bank of America) charges $5 each time I use my card here.
      I usually go to the bank, after waiting 21 business days, and withdraw the biggest amount of my money. I spend it almost as fast as I get it anyway (at least for now).
      Well we’ve only been to the Hong Kong airport, but we’ve been to Korea, so that’s the opposite of you.
      In October I’m hoping to be standing outside watching them build the new mall. I heard today that it has not been officially approved yet, but is suppose to be. That ‘suppose to be’ worries me. I’d like for them to build it here, it’d be good for my business or good for our property resale value, but even if they build it elsewhere, the mall needs to be built here for the people of Calbayog.

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