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6 thoughts on “Sunday – 19 Sep 2010

  1. You dont’ have to go to Cebu or Tacloban to buy a toaster. You can find one right in Calbayog. Tell Lita to go to the 5 Stars store , it on the 3rd floor. Also, if you plan to purchase a small water heater, i am suggesting to go to Eleanor (near to Metopolitan bank). They installed one in my house at Brgy Carmen. Happy shopping.

    1. Okay, thanks. We’ll check. Lita wouldn’t know where it is though. She is not from Calbayog, or even Samar. She is from Southern Leyte. I told her and she asked Vicky and Vicky explained it to her. We will check that out for sure on my payday. Hope they have a 4 slice one.

  2. JJ, someone’s pulling your leg. Kulatameans beat up. Rear end is lubot in Bisaya. I think it’s bubot in Waray. Or something similar.:) You best double-check with Lita for the meaning of words that you get from someone else. :-O. Hahaha.

    1. Well when I don’t have a Filipino present, I rely on a translator I found online. Guess the translator went afoul. I’ll double check from here on out. Thanks.

  3. Hi John,

    Finally, i found your site today..I guess I’ll will have to catch up on reading your blog. We are trying to get some pointers from you so we know what not to do when we retire next year. I work for an insurance co for 23+yrs , my husabnd is retiring next month at the age of 60. I will retire by June next year. Though I was born and raised in Calbayog, I learned so much from you. My husband thinks that I am too Americanized and that he will adjust living in the Phil better than I can. He is probably right, I love to shop (DE is tax free)and twice a year a go shopping in NY, so this is an adjustment itself.
    Ted, my husband said I don’t need a lot of clothes since I won’t be working anymore. Also my girlfriend said that she can always send a balikbayan box to me if I need from the U.S. Gotta go…

    1. I was wondering where you went. It’s been, I don’t know, about 2 weeks, since I’ve heard anything from you. Trying to get pointers, from me? Oh I hope I don’t disappoint you. If there is anything you need in particular, let me know, I will try to find the answer. I think last time you asked something about the 13a/13g visa, is that right? Did my answer help you out any? It’s easier and less expensive to get that in the States before coming over here. It’s easy to get ‘Americanized’, because it’s such a wonderful country, but once you get back over here, it’ll all come back to you. You’ll still want some of the things you had in America though. A/C was my #1 thing. Now if I can just find a great steak (not too expensive) and some fiery Tex-Mex food, I’ll be set. Remember it doesn’t get cold here, so don’t bother bringing anything heavy to wear, unless you have a problem with coolness being too cold. If you are retiring here in Calbayog, they have a few places in Calbayog Proper to pick up some clothes, but going shopping in Tacloban is not all that far away. Probably a little farther than NY though. It’s about a 5-6 hour drive now that all the roads are paved all the way to it. Better than the 8-9 hours when the roads were full of holes. Balikbayan boxes are great. It’d be nice to have someone in the States to be able to send you one, or 2 (or 3) every now and then. Hope to see y’all when you arrive. Oh, one thing you need to be sure to bring, if you use one, is a toaster. I can not find a toaster around this place anywhere. I guess I’m going to have to go to Cebu or Manila to find one. I had such a nice 4-slice toaster too, in the States, but we gave it to our son. Oh well, I’ll find one somewhere. There must be one in Manila, somewhere or at one of the 3-4 big malls in Cebu.

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