May 23, 2024

4 thoughts on “Pressure Sleeping in Tabaco and Hot Peppers

  1. Try the Vicaso?sp check, home depot on Rosales blvd here they are more expensive than in Tacloban but if you go to tacloban by yourself P220 fares, plus jeepneys or taxi in tacloban, most the day shot, you might save p2000-p2500 the local store did offer me free installation as incentive to buy in town. I did not buy one for under our kitchen sink , kinda wish i did to make hot water for the filipino part of the family to get coffee going faster, did not consider buying one for the laundry, afraid of what damages to clothes a filipina might due using hot water for laundry first times in her life,price here in town 16 months ago p7500, in tacloban p5000+.

  2. Hi john. Just a quick question for you. I need to purchase a water heater for the shower. You know that type that you hang on the wall in the CR. Do you know where in calbayog I can get one and also what price range are they in?

    1. Yes to what Rick says. He has one for his shower and I’ve been wanting one too. I don’t think I want or need one anyplace else except the shower either.

      1. Only took 15 mins for my friend to install it, a drill comes in handy to set the mounting screws in the block walls

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