June 25, 2024

2 thoughts on “Shuttle Your Facebook Chocolate Banana’s

  1. went on an egg craze yesterday, wifey fixed ham,onion,pepper,tomato omlettes for breakfast 4 egg omlettes are filling this way then she bought more eggs later i got crazy, hard boiled 5 had her chop them up with some onion,mixed in miricale whip, sweet pickle relish, salt , pepper, little mustard had several egg salad sandwich for dinner.Masarap I thought but Flor did not like to much mustard is not to her filipina taste buds. to night we went to the new Emeritus restuarant on Magsaysay had the mojo potatos very little seasoning, chicken,(salad) sandwich it was bad one bit was enough,their American brew coffee was good along with a dessert they called a custard , more like a pound cake to me with carmel icing and chocolate syrup drizzled on it. While we were out walking this evening stopped at Cake Depot on Gomez St right off Magsaysay Flor wanted their brownies , best we have tasted in town better than Rebilito’s brownies too, 12 1″ squares at p120 not cheap but great as a treat now and then.
    on the walk home stopped in to windowshop at a little boutique, i forgot the name, Flor saw a very pretty , seksi little dress she tried it on I was sold, she looked great in it P340 she thought was mahal, expensive, about $8 usd, then home i got online showed her prices of similar dresses at JC Penneys online, she decided when we visit usa she needs to take alot of clothes so not to buy clothes in USA, probably made in PH anyhow.

    1. Well the omelets I could definitely handle, but I don’t like hard boiled eggs much. So you are saying that the new Emeritus restaurant is probably not a good place to try out. I need to get a picture of it anyway. I know there are a few places downtown that I have not gotten pictures of yet. I want to try that Bo’s Coffee Shop at least once to see what they have got and get pictures of my own. I’ve seen a few online already at the Calbayog Skyscraper site. Those brownies are not that bad. That’s P10 (.25) per brownie. Maybe a little much for their size though.
      Oh and for some reason, most Filipino’s don’t like mustard. Guess they just didn’t grow up with it.
      Lita can eat it, but it’s not her favorite, ketchup is.

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