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5 thoughts on “Sunday – 12 Sep 2010

  1. Well Tagalog will get you communicating anywhere in the country since it’s taught in elementary grades, so you’re on the right track.

    I tried the video when I came across it a couple of days ago but it took a while to do anything and I was in a rush, so I didn’t bother waiting. I’ll try it again in a bit. Should be fun to see you jump. 🙂

    Re my invitation for you and Lita to use the beach shack to rest should you happen to be driving through. I should have added that family members in your travelling party are welcome, too. It’s a residence, not a resort so don’t think there’s a charge. Just plain Filipino hospitality.

    How are you with texting? Next to breathing, it’s the most used device in PI. The only way to communicate really, with the one peso per message charge. In the ‘olden’ days one would send a telegraph to tell family you’re arriving from another province, etc., and get there before your wire!

    1. I didn’t forget about your invitation. I need to mention it to the cousins though. I’m pretty sure we went through that town or at least by it. I know I show the name. I think my wife’s friend has a sister that lives there, and we stopped for a little while to give her some money from the sister. Pretty darn sure that was the place. I’ll find out later and let you know about that and the staying there. Maybe they won’t want to stay the night, but resting for awhile on the beach doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend the day.

  2. UJ

    finally, i read you’re blog… yes it will be interesting if you write lolo’s experience during the war separately…. nice blog uj… hahahaha…..

  3. Hi John,

    You’re being taught Tagalog, the Filipino national language. But if I’m not mistaken, Waray is the regional language that the province of Samar speaks. The province of Leyte also uses it. Southern Leyte, however, is Visayan or Bisayan. Cebuano is spoken there – along with Boholano which is just a variation of it. “Ayaw” <don't) in Cebuano is "ajaw" in Boholano, the "j" pronounced as in "John."

    Asawa, which is 'spouse' in Tagalog, is "wife" in the Visayas, ang "bana" is husband. More gender-specific. Between your friends and relatives in Calbayog and readers like me, we'll get you 'multi-Filipino-lingual' yet. 🙂 Hahaha.

    I grew up in Cebu City so I feel at home in both places. I also spent a year at the Little Flower Academy in Tacloban run by the Irish Sisters of Mercy at that time. So I perfectly understand and speak a bit of "Waray-waray" as well as Tagalog and Visayan with a sprinkling of the other Visayan variations.

    Home in Southern Leyte for me is a little town on the Pacific side of the island [the same side as Tacloban] called Hinundayan. It's 2-to 2-and-a-half hours drive one way to and from Tacloban. I looked up Tambis and the map shows it's close to Cabalian/St. John. So while you pass St. Bernard to get there, your party didn'tget to the town I still call home. Next time your trip takes you farther around the bend, let me know. You may want to rest there overnight. You and Lita are welcome to stay in the beach shack that was my personal project in 2008. Yes, it's right ON the beach. So even if I'm not there I can let the caretaker who lives there 24/7 know. Seriously.

    Boy, the number on this site's counter is sure climbing fast! And not too long ago you wrote there were only 41 hits! 🙂

    Well, husto la anay ini (Waray). Dinhi osa [Cebuano]. Dito lang muna [Tagalog]. Roughly translated, this'll have to do for now.

    Best regards.

    1. Yes Waray is the language here and I’m not really being taught Tagalog. These are just words I am picking up. I’d like to learn Tagalog, but no one seems to have the time it will take to teach someone that will have a hard time learning it (me). I try to listen and pick things up, but they speak Tagalog and 2 or 3 other dialects here, and I’m not sure which is which, so I don’t know when they are speaking Tagalog, and I should be listening the most.
      On another note…can u get the video to work? I’ve had complaints that it doesn’t work, but it works fine for me.

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