February 26, 2024

4 thoughts on “Still Around and Still Around

  1. Heh heh. One time, i got up with a grin on my face, stood in front of the kids and belted out “God rst ye merry gentlemen” in my best baritone. Sang the whole thing. Got done and stuck out my hand and said “Mama Supo” (guess that means gift me”. The look on their faces was priceless. My brother in law checked on his casaba cake. My sister in law had eyes the size of saucers. My asawa shook her head. Finally the kids got the points laughed and went to the next house 😉

    1. I guess if I tried that I could scare them away. Or have them laughing so much they might forget why they were there. Regardless it would also get interesting reactions, I’m sure.

  2. Well it will be a December for me to remember also…Naturally I knew Christmas would be in full swing, but little did i expect that every night gangs of kids would be showing up at the door, “caroling” then asking for money naturally. Learned another handy Filipino phrase “patatawaren” or something like that. Means,,,forgive me i can not give or something…all i know is that they stop and move on to the next victim lol.

    1. I warned you about those carolers Scott. During the season I usually just stay in the house or at least away from the street at night. I’m the only Kano in the neighborhood as far as I know, so we get the kids over here multiple times per night. When LolyKat was open I saw the same kids 3 or 4 times per night. I suppose there are not too many places for them to got around here to get much of anything anyway, but I can’t support the whole neighborhood, even if I wanted too.

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