April 19, 2024

5 thoughts on “Space Military Barbeque Wedding Shower

  1. I don’t think it’s a very uncommon practice either. We did the JP thing as well but we will do a church wedding too if all goes as planned.

    1. Well we only did the JP thing, in Texas, and we’ve been married for over 32 years. It just didn’t matter to us where it was done. Also it was her 2nd marriage, as you may know from reading my story on this site: An Odd Beginning to Bliss.

  2. It had lots of windows and doorways so we did have a breeze and the church is very close to the ocean so that helped.

  3. Jen and I did the double marriage thing too. We went to the Justice of Peace in Angeles City and then had the big church wedding in San Joaquin the following month. There was a brownout the day of the church wedding and the church’s generator didn’t have any gas so there were no fans. I was hot and sweaty but happy.

    1. I found out that this is not an usual practice here in the Philippines. It is done a lot.
      Was it an outside church? I went to one that also didn’t have ac or fans, but at least it was outside with a breeze.
      That Barong Tagalog gets hot for a shirt made of such light material.

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