April 13, 2024

4 thoughts on “Space Globe Gym Fiesta

  1. John, I don’t think you have to re-invent blogging or have an exclusive idea to be successful. Just be the informational source for Samar and Calbayog City and you will be fine (build it and they will come). Build on what Samar has to offer verses other areas of the Philippines and add to that bits about Philippine life and your site will soon have it’s own identity. Isn’t that what you’re looking for anyway? As far as the Space A thing goes, most of that info is available online and there are dedicated blogs for just that. Your niche is Calbayog City and Samar so just be Calbayog UJ!

    1. Randy, I know you are right, but I’m just so damn impatient. Actually in a supposedly “professional” setup, this site has only been operating fully for a couple of months (Aug-Sep). I figured my niche would be Calbayog City, but it doesn’t seem like there are enough people interested in Calbayog City. Maybe though with the city supposedly building up, it will eventually get more people wondering about it and if I have the most and best information, “People will come Ray Randy” Also as for the Space A, I have already come up with the same conclusion as you. I just didn’t see them before and I had information that ‘I thought’ was not on the web yet because it was coming straight from the passenger terminals, on paper. Any further posts (except one more I already have scheduled (Yokota)) will be nixed. I will probably just delete the Space A Info category and leave it all under simply “Misc”. No sense in completely deleting something that took me a while to compile. I always worry that people with more resources will catch up and pass me when/if Calbayog starts drawing more interest from people. I guess there is nothing I can really do about that except just do the best job that I can and hope for the best. I know of other people that have Philippine websites and it seems that they are all making decent money on their site, but I’m lucky to make $100 a year at this point. I guess more patience and time will be necessary and I need to give the ‘professional’ set up more than 2 months to work, as Rich keeps telling me.
      Did you see what I did there? I made a statement and then turned around and answered my own problems. I do that quite often. When people send me comments like the one you sent, it gets my brain to kick in a little bit more and things become a little clearer. Or maybe I already know all this, but just want things to be at it’s peak NOW. I guess I have to pay the piper and I don’t get to listen to the music free or at a discount. Thanks Randy for the psychological kick in the ass.

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