May 22, 2024

2 thoughts on “Several Firsts Day

  1. You are so funny John. As one of the U.S. expats that has lived here the longest, you are the last one to discover the international foods aisle at Super Slo! I’m gonna make it a point to tell Michael (asst. mgr) to put up a big sign pointing to all the international flags hanging over the international food section… so the next foreigner can find it easily! You crack me up!

    1. So I’m guessing that aisle has been there all along? I’ve never been in there by myself just looking around. All my extended stays in there have been with Lita and she is always in a hurry for some reason.
      I saw a sign that said International Foods, but not around that aisle I’m talking about.
      Maybe I just need to drink a Red Horse before I go shopping.

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