April 12, 2024

5 thoughts on “Saturday – 9 Jul 2011

  1. Scott i am like you i would miss not having some of my favorite foods.When i was living in Subic we could go to a store that carried these products such as cheese.When we move to samar we will bring one of those insulated bags so we can buy these thing in the big city and take back to samar.Usally you can find these things in the bigger cities.

      1. WE have a house in tarangnan and will be going there this coming january for three months and then move there the following nov. we have a motor bike so we go to calbayog all the time,i like it alot.

      2. As y’all see, my Internet is back up. 3 days without Internet. I almost went crazy and Lita was going crazier because of me. I think she was happier to see the repairmen than I was.

  2. Your mention of the ailse in the store reminds me of when i was 93% sure about moving there. Once a couple of visits ago I asked to be dropped of at SM Sucat. I took a calculator a pad of paper and pen. I walked up and down every aisle comparing prices, types of products and cost. This was to see if i could survive with or without some of my favorite stuff. The only thing i found lacking were good flour tortillas and variety of different cheeses so I can make quesadillas. Grumble, i bet i can make do with out lol.

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