May 26, 2024

11 thoughts on “Last Squeal of the Pig at End of 2011

  1. Hi UJ,
    Thank you for clearing my concerned. I was very worried because as you know life always imitates art.

    As far as the market with people seemed to just park themselves in the meddle and talked, have you ever met a a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time,and that your feeling is overflow with excitement,and joy to see him/her again and all you wanted to know is to find out how their life is going? I am sure you did, we are all like that. To step aside will not be first in our mind otherwise the momentum is lost. Besides, since it is very crowded from corner to corner it is better off to stay put.
    Here’s what I think, you know the cliche of the saying “if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen”. Well, you and Rick should do just that, stay away from the hustling and bustling of that market.
    If your intention is to go to the market and walk about your marry way in peace , then you are in a wrong place. You mile as well come back to America. Even with that new market openning, the old habit will still be there. It might not be like that at first but eventually it will come back. Unless of course there are other market nearby for people to go to and to choose from, and one market will not do it.
    The reason that people does not step on each other here in United States is because there are plenty of grocery stores in almost every corner.
    Here for example where I live, there are 4 large grosery stores in a three mile radius, and not to mention little mom and pop store that the Mexican, Ecuador Pilipino, Chinese, japanese, Vietnamese, Thai,Korean, Indian and among others. It is no wonder that no one step on each other’s toes.
    But, do you even remember when during the holidays or there is a football and it is there last season? Yeah! it is crazy,the parking lot is like a pandamonium.

    Nevertheless, you went to retire in a another country in Samar, Calbayog because you do not want it here in your birthplace anymore, you want something different, something exotic, inexpensive perhaps and most of all family oriented, then take that country for what it is; embrace it even if those people are standing in the meddle or someone did not take their time to pass by you so you won’t fall, it is however what made Samarinians, it is their politeness and care, that they care enough and stop to chat with a friend. It does not matter who or what is around, wthat matter is now and that person after all, there might not be another time.

  2. UJ you need to warn the unawares about interest rates charged here on loans, not uncommon are 2.5-3.5% interest per month, x12 for annual rate, folks this ain’t USA, housing loans usually require 20% down have shorter terms than USA too. Borrowing is something to really watch out for here. 5/6 loans are common borrow 5 pay back 6 in 30 days.
    UJ you are braver more patient than me i can’t handle inside the market, walking in there, a unsteady as I am , with a cane even, still can not make up for the number of times a 5 ft weigh nothing cuts me off or bumps me, let alone the annoying habit many have there of standing still talking, not buying , to other ppl blocking the onlt level dry path through the market.

    1. I don’t know much about the house loans, but we did get a loan. We borrowed P10,000 and had to pay P200 per day for 58 days, so P11,600 (16% interest). That’s a little better deal than the 5/6 loan, which comes out to 20% and a $2000 payback in our case.
      I’m pretty patient because I know I’m the foreigner here, not them. I will however not go into the wet market again if there are that many people. If she just has to go in, she’s on her own or we’ll have to find another way. I’m hoping our new market will be better organized and with more space.

  3. Hi UJ,
    I would like to start by saying I love and enjoyed reading your post very much. However, it was very disturbing to see a little boy holding a gun and shooting the pig. As you know, you have just reported on your other websites(Calbayog Corner) about the incident that happened with the grenade exploding.
    (article below).
    Yes, point taken that those people were adults, and yes I don’t know how experienced the boy were with the gun, still it is very dangerous. Something like that children should not have been present and never mind holding a gun.
    The the one that even bother me the most is that besides him getting hurt, I also am sure that there are other small children around that could have been hurt. Even with a slight movement the gun could have fired and hurt someone.
    I hope that parents and none parents alike would be smart enough not to let this happened again. Children needs their innocence. Let them be kids and enjoy life. Once they become an adult, well, we all know how that goes, with too much responsibilities sometimes we can’t even enjoy life anymore.

    TACLOBAN City – Two people were killed while another one was injured yesterday in a grenade explosion in one of the hinterland barangays in Calbayog City, a police report said.
    Reached through his mobile phone, Chief Supt. Arnold Revilla, PNP-8 regional director, said that Edwin Gutierrez and Edita Juanerio, both of legal ages, were killed in the grenade blast in Hogon Rosales, Oquendo District, Calbayog City. The injured victim was identified as Balbina Juanerio.
    Revilla said that Guitierrez, who was already drunk, was toying with the grenade when it exploded at about 4:30 a.m. yesterday.
    The incident happened while the victims were having a drinking session.

    1. Not to worry. If you would click on the picture to read the additional comments, you would have found out that he didn’t not really shoot the pig.
      In fact, it is not even a real gun, just a plastic one. Maybe if the picture was better you would have been able to tell that. The parents of this child would not let him have a real gun, in fact they do not own one either, to my knowledge. I know that I would bitch and complain if he did have a real gun, that’s for sure.
      I’m glad you have been reading the Calbayog Corner though, it needs all the help it can get right now.

  4. You know John, I have always wondered what happend to derail Your and Lita’s plans when you first arrived. I have read almost all of your olds posts to find out what happened. (I read all the ole timer blogs). If it isnt to painful, or sensitive I would be very interested in your experiences when you first arrived.

    1. I agree with Scott John. If it is not too painful to discuss it would make a good post and also let others know that even well laid plans can go awry.

      1. Well they were not exactly “well laid”, as it turned out. As I said before I fell partly into the trap that you warned about in your “You are not longer on vacation” trap.
        Also we did jump head first into several business ventures at once, which was an obvious mistake. I’ll see if I can recall the stupidity and I just might post it.

        1. I am eager to hear your story. You really should not feel any shame because you are not the only one to have that experience. I have an idea for a title. “Mr Capital….don’t be that guy!” I have a little business experience in the US since I ran a service company for eight years and I also worked for a marketing company. I am also very lucky that my wife owned a successful business in Manila for many years. Business is hard anywhere and is a continuous learning process. The profit margins are much smaller here due to the competition. I always hear stories of expats being hit upto provide capital for someones business idea. I have been approached by people with ideas for businesses but when I ask about their former ventures they give me stories of failures. I then ask them why would I partner with someone with no record of success?

          1. I guess I’ll have to put something together on that. I need to get caught up on the post first and I’m not doing a good job of that right now.

    2. Well Scott, I did think that I mentioned it before and I think I might be able to recall most of it. I really want to forget it mostly. If I can recall all or most of it, I will probably post it. It was mostly just stupidity and over extending though.

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