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8 thoughts on “Saturday – 30 Oct 2010

  1. Hey UJ,
    The blog was really good today. It’s a lot better with you getting out of the house every now and then. I love the pics of the markets… waiting to see the pic of the table full of crab so I can lick the screen….lol

  2. The roads in Allen are better then ones to Calbayog because they are repaired by Japan contractor and by locales in Calbayog. You can tell when you leave Northern Samar and enter Western Samar by the quality of the roads. Roads from ferry repaired one year and next year looks like they have not been repaired do to quailty of repairs. Probably more kick backs in Western Samar do to local contractors and less quality of material to make up for cost.

    1. Okay cool. Most of the roads here are just fine. There are some that still need repair, going north. I think they are in the process of that now. Supposedly these roads were done last year and they still look good to me. I’ve only been here 5 months though, so I’ll try to remember to keep track of that and see if they start to wear out.

  3. The new background is the best one yet. It’s bright, tropical and calming. I’m not sure how much you keep up with the news back in the USA, but November the 3rd the Federal Reserve is supposed to announce that they are printing like 500 Billion more dollars. That cannot be good for the peso/dollar exchange rate. So if you or your readers have a bunch of dollars lying around the house this might be a good time to trade them in for Philippine Pesos. Just my opinion, this is not financial advice. What do I know; I bought E pets at the top of the internet bubble.
    You are very smart for having a Filipino wife and having an income in Pesos as well as dollars. There are some retirees living over there on only Social Security and if the Peso rises significantly then they are in some serious economic trouble. Some probably will not be able to afford a plane ticket home. Hopefully, the exchange rate will remain fairly steady. Again, not financial advice.
    I enjoy reading your blog and hope it will continue for a long time.

    1. Good about the background, that’s exactly what I was shooting for. That and letting Winda be able to read/write on her laptop.
      500 billion dollars, my goodness that would be a lot of pesos. Unfortunately I don’t have too many dollars just laying around and the retirement check I will be using on the 4th, so we’ll see.
      If there are retirees living here on only social security, I haven’t met any of them. But there probably are. I hope they make it, but it is risky with so little unless you are pretty well set up already, or have the means to get additional money elsewhere if necessary.
      Again, I’m glad you enjoy the blog. Think you can help me find a few dozen other readers like yourself? I’ve about run out of ideas to promote it. This is my first blog and I’m really trying, but I’m limited in my information. Any idea?

  4. Yes i have been to that market a few times but really don,tenjoy it to much,for meat i like the Monterey meat market better.I went with my wife
    once to the back of the market for some dried squid and fish boy the smell was bad there.Good to see you getting out more.The roads look like they are in alot better shape than when we were their,do you know if they have fixed the part of the road close to Allen,that was the terrible when we were
    last there.

    1. I like the meat a Monterrey better also. I didn’t think it smelled bad back there at all. I kind of turn my sense of smell off when I go to the market though. Glad to be getting out more. This Friday we are leaving to go to Tambis. We will be leaving there early Monday morning. So I’ll have some more new pictures.
      I don’t know where “Allen” is so I couldn’t tell you about the roads. I can tell you that they are fixing roads in several places that are not fixed already.

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