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10 thoughts on “Saturday – 30 Jul 2011

  1. Wow, I “flew” the Pan Philippines Hwy using Google Earth. That route to Tacloban will definitely give me the “roids” sitting on a bus for about 5 hours. Watch your six, respectfully — Jake

  2. I guess nothing changes over the years. I lived in apartments at 23 st East bajoc bajoc in the late sixty’s and everyone had water storage tanks on top of the buildings. But always had water as per military requirement before they could rent to same.

    1. Now with no US military here, they don’t have to worry about that, and probably don’t.
      They couldn’t afford to lose the military money back then, now they don’t have it, so don’t care.

  3. In Subic the subd. we lived in they turned the water on for three hours in the morning and the same every evening.Everyone there had a storage tank that you made sure never ran dry it also made you make sure you didnt waste water.once you get used to it it isnt bad.

    1. I’m glad I don’t have to get use to it though.
      What about the businesses, did they turn their water off also?

      1. We were in a subdivision that had our own well,built when the amerian base was there,no business there.Not sure down on the main road.On the road to olongapo you had to drive over a hill,almost at the top people live high up on the side of the hiil,once a week a water tank truck would bring deliver water and the people had to carry water five gallons at a time up this steep stair case.Dont think i could get used to that.

  4. I guess if you only experience the water being off twice since being in Calbayog, the politicians want to insure they have water all the time when they want it. Outside of the town proper they turn the water off at 7PM and on again at 7Am if your lucky. When I was there in May people was telling me the water supply was on and off a couple of times a day. This has been going on for years and this is reason when I built my house I had in ground storage take with auto fill installed so I would have water when I needed it. Water supply is like Electricity, can never know when it will be on.

    1. I guess I should stop complaining about when they occasionally turn our water off then.
      I can’t afford to build any ground storage tank, auto fill or not.

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