May 20, 2024

8 thoughts on “Brown Club for Cooking

  1. Last I heard Mayor of Tacloban is handling importing golf carts from Cebu, this happened after the death by mudslide, of my friends cousin, that handled import b4, about 100 carts sold in Tacloban but they are used only in subdivisions or on the golf course there the city does not allow use in town, Catbalogan allows in town there is one yellow 2 seater cart there, imported same place as mine, I had the first one in Samar, that we know about ,and the only 4 seater

    1. Okay … I thought I answered this once, but I don’t see the comment anywhere. Maybe I forgot to press reply.
      Anyway .. I’ll try to repeat. If I get a cart, it would have to be a 4 seater, for sure. Do you think that Calbayog will get so big that they will disallow the use of the cart in town and/or on the highway? When/If I come across more income before 2013, like maybe this blog finally paying off, I would seriously look into getting a golf cart. I think it would be a great way to get around this place.

      1. I doubt if they will disallow carts, as long as they keep the pedal trikes in town too, with my cart the only one in town no reason to centralized on banning them. If we got so many here i could see them requiring registration later but as of now since designed for golf course use,carts are considered like an agriculture piece of machinery, “I think my tractors sex!” I was driving all over town on p500 a week in fuel, actually it costs the wife and I about that much in trike fees, we get out alot, 15 minutes or less to Sta Marguerita, about same to airport, 10 minutes or less to Maru Krisel about 5 mins to Marcials Grill, If i want a scenic trip Magsaysay onto Division road out to the Highway, back towards town into bagacay, past ciriaco, lolycats into town to Gomez over to Magsaysay up to our apartment compound about a 20-25 minute trip. Top speed about 16 mph, play with the engine govenor and you can get 20 mph so 25 – 32 KPH. You could make it faster mine has a 295 CC engine govenor stops it at 4000 rpm, new ones have 401 CC Kawasaki engines, one i had back home i got revved up to 35 mph but had to install hydralyic front brakes to stop it then. Simple gears forward or reverse, gas pedal is then the go signal, let off the gas engine kills, step on the gas engine fires up.

        1. Cool. I guess that’s right about if there are not that many carts around.
          I would have thought it would take longer than that to get around on one of those, but I guess not.
          That sounds easy enough to drive that even Lita could do it.
          It’d be nice to be able to go when I wanted to and not have to wait on people. That’s one of the things I’m having a hard time adjusting to.

          1. It’s ideal for getting around town when top speed is regulated by pedestrians and pedal trikes not the 35 kph signs, easy to park anywhere, and since i can’t ride a motorcycle or drive stick shifts anymore just made sense to me when i found out in USA i could use one here b4 I arrived.

  2. Jay won the bet, power on about 5:30 pm, LOL, Flor tried out a new recipe of her design on me, she julienned carros, and potatoes, simmered them in crushed garlic and chopped onions then added fresh ground pork, and some tomato paste, Maarap na!, She did not know what julienne cut means , fine sliced like little matchsticks, but she did it well, she amazes me how she can handle a knife, when she cooks ham omelttes she cjops the ham so fine looks like it has been fine ground.
    My buddy Cliff arrived in manila last night from rockwall Texas, he and his gf will take her family to Palawan first then Arrive here on the 7th, my Landlord says i can use his vehicle, to do the pick up and delivery. Cliff is bringing me a part for my golf cart i hope this is the finale i would love to get it back running, when it does you get some time off lolycat we can make it the Kano Express and sight see around town, I wanted to buy a new cart was approved for the loan but they wanted 30% down would not include 136,000 in options in the price or the delivery fee from Manila so needless to say that much cash down priced the loan outta doability for me. Nice thing about a golf cart here it is street legal to use, no registration,liscense required too, made trip to Sta Marguerita and airport easy enough plus around town simple.

    1. Yeah Jay won the bet, good thing it wasn’t for anything.
      I’ve had a meal similar to what you’re talking about, but it was with ground beef.
      If she handles a knife so well, you better not piss her off when she has one in her hand.
      I don’t even know where Rockwall Texas is. There are so many towns there it’s impossible to know them all, I think. I hope he has a good time in Palawan. Is he coming here to stay or is he just visiting?
      The Kano Express … kewl. I’d like to take a tour around town on it. It’d be better than a tricycle or pajak-pajak, plus I can get a tour in proper English.
      Yeah that sounds like too much to handle at once for a down payment and things, unless you’re rich.
      I think it’s great you have that thing, I’d like one also and maybe someday will be able to get one, but not right now. Next year is a good possibility though.

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