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11 thoughts on “Saturday – 25 Sep 2010

  1. John,just found your website,enjoyed reading your post and glad to find a site about samar.My wife and i have a place about an hour from Catbalogan
    we will be in your area first week in jan.I had a few post on samar expats site but not any movment on that site for awhile.look forward to your articles and pics,it has been acouple of years since we were last there so,
    looking forward to our trip.

    1. Well Wayne I’m glad you found the site and even more glad that you enjoyed reading it. I will continue to try to put good pictures and write interesting things. I try hard, but I’ve only been doing this about 5 weeks, so if you have any suggestions on anything that I could improve on, please let me know. About an hour from Catbalogan, which direction? If it’s been a couple of years since you’ve been here, then you’ll be happy to know that the road is fixed. I’m talking all the way from here in Calbayog to Catbalogan and beyond. In fact I think it is fixed all the way to Leyte. It sure is nice and faster to be driving here now.

  2. Funny video. I sent you a facebook friend request too. Jen and I were going to go to the Jungle Restaurant when we were in Cebu but we never got there. It is highly rated in Trip Adviser which is my guide for hotels and restaurants.

    Funny story about your word of the day pangit. Jen was trying to teach our little son George the word by asking him “who is pangit? Daddy pangit?” and he would shake his head no and point to Jen. She tried it many times and every time, George would point to her.

    1. I haven’t received the facebook request yet. I’m hoping to check The Jungle out. It really looks interesting and the owner seems like a really nice guy. Well the little story with George needs to be corrected. I’ve seen pictures of both of y’all and I can say, without doubt, Jen is much prettier than you.

    2. Found the Facebook request and approved it. I also reconfirmed my statement about Jen being prettier than you, I was wrong. She is not much prettier than you. She is extremely much prettier than you.

        1. That should mean that it’s a fact then. Lita thought your little story about George and pointing to his Momma was very funny. I just finished telling her about it and she is still giggling in the other room.

  3. Tried to watch the video, and got this:
    This video either has been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings.

    1. Sorry that is my fault. I thought about that after I closed out this morning. I’ll correct it now. Okay…it’s fixed.
      Glad to have a new reader that is paying attention.

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