June 25, 2024

6 thoughts on “Saturday – 20 Aug

  1. Thank you for all the photos of places in the PHL, JJ! Ironic, isn’t it? That I should find out from a Tex in the PHL! 🙂

    I didn’t realize there are so many gorgeous places. Now I understand why one of my nephews want to see all of the country first before he considers going somewhere else. He even goes by himself, I’ve been told, if he finds or reads about an interesting place on line or elsewhere.

    The five weeks that we just spent there went too fast. I was dizzy going all over the place that I really can’t wait to go back sometime when I just kick back and do absolutely nothing except have deep body massages, manicures and pedicures. Ha 🙂 ha 🙂 ha :)!

    1. Yes there are many beautiful places in the Philippines and mostly I have only seen them through pictures. There are places in southern Mindanao that I may never see as long as the terrorist are still running rampant.
      As for the massages and pedicures, well I can get them anytime I want just about. My problem is finding a professional to massage me because the few amateurs I’ve had so far can’t assert enough pressure.

  2. hi john. Sorry i didnt get the chance to come by for one of lita’s coffee’s. With the lil one with us we havent much time even for ourselves. But that is ok .. I love her with us always too. AT Marju Krisel now for couple weeks then we are all going to manila for a while. Going to the zoo and the ocean park and also the mall of asia. All this so the lil one can experience some new things. see ya again when we return.

    1. It’s okay Blair. She will get to see all those places before I do. I’m not so excited about the zoo, but I’d go. Of those 3, I want to go to Mall of Asia, but only because they have a TGIF in there. It’s expensive, but I think Lita and I would like to have a meal there when we finally do get to visit.
      Coffee will still be here, ready to be brewed whenever you are ready to drink it. Stop by whenever. You will know by reading this blog if we are getting ready to go someplace. Before we go to Texas in March, if we get to go, I really would like to go to Korea first, even if it’s only for a few days. The NCO Club, the BX and the Commissary there are calling me … I can hear them.

      1. Hi again John. We will be traveling to Manila tomorrow morning but will be back in town again soon, Just seen at the Marju that they are expanding here with a two level extension. its almost complete and looks very nice and might possibly be as nice as Ciriaco rooms. that will add another maybe 30 rooms to Marju Krisel. While we were here it seemed we were the only people using the pool except for a couple others. Had a good time as always. By the way, if you and lita get a chance to eat at Marcial’s grill you have to try the baby back ribs. they are excellent . see ya again soon bud….

        1. Well come on by when you get back and you can have that cup of coffee. On Sep 3rd we will all be getting drunk here, if you want to stop by for that.
          I guess I’ll have to go by and see the Marju Krisel again and take some more pictures. I need to get a picture of the Mang Inasal anyway downtown.
          We keep saying we will go by Marcial’s Grill and that gives us a better reason to finally do it. Lita loves baby back ribs.
          It’s nice that you’ve pretty much had the pool to yourself. I think it’s makes it an even more pleasant stay.
          See ya when you get back. Have fun.

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