May 24, 2024

6 thoughts on “Saturday – 16 Jul 2011

    1. I’m going to miss that tonight, but I don’t like crowds anyway. Most likely I wouldn’t like 90% of the menu anyway, although I’ve never been to one before. I could be completely off on that.

  1. Yes the picture with group of filipinos riding on motorcycles with sidecar is very normal here and can only be found in the Philippines not to mention our passenger jeeps which is also unique. I love the picture you have here because my wife’s hometown is in catbalogan samar she’s been there once during her high school years now she’s already a doctor and she’s convincing me to see that place.

    1. Where are you that you haven’t been to Catabalogan recently. Are you on Luzon? For some reason I was thinking you were on Samar.

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