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2 thoughts on “Saturday – 16 Apr 2011

  1. Hi JJ! Long time no read. Again. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems that time is really going warp speed wild. Too many things to do, too little time. Glad you’re still at it. How are you doing with ad revenue? What about the BBQ income? Are you done with the trucks’ monthly overhead expenses? Sorry I’ve lost track. Maybe when I’ve caught up with sleep.

    I am normally a night owl but went to bed early on the 29th, William & Catherine’s nuptials. Were you among the billions who watched it? It would have started early evening PHL time since you’re only 7 hours ahead London there. One would still not miss it – what with the re-runs in all the stations. “Feel good” stories win hands down; the twisters in mid-east USA ran a poor second, just sligthly ahead by a nose of Obama’s producing his birth cert.

    I noticed that this format is so much easier to read with the white background, and I’m not losing the edges to whatever you used to do with the margins. 🙂 I remember that I used to copy a whole “comment” post and paste it elsewhere that didn’t hide the right side – just to be able to read the whole thing. Things, indeed, are looking up. LOL.

    Did you get to Tacloban this time? Well, let’s see what else I’ve missed…

    Keep typing!

    1. Well Winda I’m glad you’re still around. I hope you get caught up. I haven’t had a post in about 3 days because I’ve been concentrating on trying to get the best deal on tickets to leave here for a day or two. Between that and the constant power problems (brown outs and low power), I just haven’t been able to get to it during waking hours. Not much happening that I know of anyway, because I spend half the day looking for airline deals. I’ve made a purchase now, but I can tell you that, no matter what Lita says next time, I will be purchasing those tickets at least 2 months ahead of time. It’s just too expensive if you wait.
      I have noticed another problem with the post and I will try to correct that after I answer a couple of these comments. (has since been fixed)

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