February 24, 2024

6 thoughts on “Restaurant Opening Soon

  1. hope you get the restaurant finished soon. have a happy birthday and don’t drink to much.
    once summer comes me and my wife plan on taking the ferry over there. need to wait on rainy season to pass.
    we will be traveling to Washington state for a month 14 march and will return here to sorsogon on 15 april. wife has a sister there. and with round trip tickets for 2 people only costing $1,252.00 total for both that includes all taxes fees and $70.00 travel protection incase we would need to cancel.

    1. I was told tonight that the restaurant probably would not be done until around mid-March. I will have a happy birthday as long as I’m still breathing and healthy. I won’t be drinking too much for sure. Still waiting on a visit from you so whenever you can, we’ll be here waiting unless we win the lottery, then we’ll be traveling a lot more. Have fun in Washington. I’ve only been there once and that was only at the airport. When we win that lottery, we’ll visit it more thorough.

  2. I have been watching your videos and reading your blogs I will be coming to Calbayog about the 18th of January Actually, I am coming to visit friends in Tinambacon I am well past retirement age and exploring the possibility of retiring somewhere near there.

    1. Well it does take some adjusting to living here, but it’s mostly nice and it’s pretty inexpensive. I know a couple of people in Tinambacon, maybe it’s someone I know. The 18th of January is my birthday, so maybe that will be good luck for you … or not. I hope you like it here. Let me know if I can do something to make your trip a little easier.

      1. Good luck with the restaurant.
        Hope to visit in july.

        Our 60 foot boat done accept for outriggers and putting in diesel engine.

        House on island almost 60% done

        1. The restaurant will be slightly delayed due to the father of the man building it dying. After the traditional 40 day waiting period they have here in the PI, it will be restarted. It’s looking like February or early March for the grand opening right now. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be up and running by July when you get here. Stop by and I’ll let you buy me a beer or two.
          Well lets get that house done. At least you have a boat to go back in forth in.

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