February 24, 2024

5 thoughts on “Quick Brown Expat Sparks

  1. Better breakout your Genset if you donot want to be sitting in dark soon. Was reading in Manila Bulletin that the National power grid is talking about dropping all of Samar off the grid because the electrical companys who are supplying power to custermers are not paying their bills. They was saying that if they don’t settle there bills in the rear that they have no choice but to cut Samar off. So I would be stocking up on coleman latterns like the old days.

    1. George I sure wish you would have sent a link to that story so I could read it. I don’t think my computer will run on Coleman lanterns and I don’t have a generator. I had one, but even it was powerful enough to run the computer and the lights. I sure hope something is worked out because I can’t live here without electric. It’s hard to believe that could happen or be allowed to happen. Of course since the electric company is privately owned, I guess it is possible.

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