March 23, 2023

4 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. One of many things I learned by doing wrong, first, is the hot water situation. When came here and saw how common the little wall-mount water heaters for showers were I laughed ad thought them ridiculous. When we built our house I bought a large, free-standing solar water heater (It is made in Maylasia and Ace Hardware _used_ to sell them) and mounted the heater on my second-floor balcony next to the tower for my water tank. Separate hot water pipes to every sink and shower, just like you’d plumb a house in the USA. Works great except you waste a lot of water waiting for the hot to start flowing, it requires a separate pump system and all in all it has been way more trouble than it’s worth. A simple wall mount next to the shower does everything one needs for cleanliness and comfort too. I really need to start writing myself. COVID has been a areal excuse to be lazy (and I never needed many excuses), LoL.

    1. Our little hot water heater works great for us. It even gets the water too hot if I turn it all the way up. Our tanks should be finished today or tomorrow for sure. I’ll sure be glad to be able to get under a hot shower again. I’ll probably take a shower everyday, maybe sometimes twice a day for quite a while. Then I’ll go back to my 4-5 times per week depending on how active my week is.
      I’ve got a few things to write about so I think I’ll start another post right now. I’m not doing much at the moment anyway.

  2. Nice to see you online again. That is, indeed, a pretty big burger. I think if I tried to eat one I’d soon be on a stairway, but it might be going down and not up. I’ll let someone else be the one. Good idea to move your Webhosting to a local guy, when there is a problem, those big Stateside outfits are useless for help.

    I just did a lot of additions/rearranging to my water system … bought two commercial 220 volt pressure pumps to replace the cobbled up RV style setup we’ve been living with for years. Sounds like you have a similar system as men … when I had the house built I had it plumbed US style, with hot and cold pipes to every point of use, works great except it does require two pumps.

    Stay healthy and stay happy … and write more.

    Be well

    1. Thanks I wish I would get online more often. I check for messages but always seem to find something else to do instead of writing a post.
      Yeah, big burger. That’s the only one he has made so far, as far as I know. If I order it again I will be splitting it with someone else.
      Well the local guy has been helping me a lot with my computer for years and he recently got into webhosting. I thought I’d give him a chance and I really do like having the host close by.
      We just have a hot water heater connected to our shower. That is the most important place to have hot water. I hope to get one for our kitchen sink also. That way the hot water to wash dishes will not have to be carried from the cr.
      I stay happy and I am pretty healthy for a fat guy. I know if I lost about 50 kg I’d be in much better health and probably be even happier.
      I’ll try to write more. I want to and I hope I do.
      Thanks for continuing to read and leave comments.

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