May 26, 2024

2 thoughts on “Pizza Shuttle to GPO Mall

  1. Hey John, that rice you had was probably “Red Rice” as cooked by the Chamarros. It’s just regular rice cooked with Achote (Aswete in Tagalog I believe). It must be topped with Fene denne sauce as it has little flavor of it’s own. Anyway, I’ll be eating my share next week when I return. Might have a pizza or two also. A good cheesburger…steak…Mexican food……ahhhhh.

    1. You’re going back to Guam again? You must like it there. Heck, if I could afford to live there I might too. It was small, clean and not so crowded. Just too expensive on my budget. I tasted the rice when Lita ate it, but neither of us liked it that much. It was okay and not the worse rice I’ve ever eaten, but probably won’t get it again unless we have a deep desire to eat rice.
      You notice I didn’t say anything about the cheesburgers, steaks and especially the Mexican food. I don’t want to think about that.

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