May 25, 2024

6 thoughts on “Parties, Malls and Parties

  1. We have a gaisano mall here ours has a few restaurants one being KFC along with a big department store few other independent stores and a super market. As far as groceries go the two savemore stores here seem to have a better selection.
    Are second jollibees opened yesterday 24 hours with drive thru. The new McDonald’s being built is scheduled to open this April here and there is a city mall being built here don’t know there target date to open or what all will be located there.
    Hope you can find some things you enjoy when gaisano opens there. And enjoy the birthday parties.

    1. Oh, so we might have a KFC inside our Gaisano Mall. That would be wonderful. I was thinking we’d have to wait until the Robinson Mall was built. We are suppose to have our first McDonald’s inside this mall. I don’t know if they will have a 2nd Jollibee’s, but it wouldn’t surprise me. There is no drive in at the one we have now, so maybe it will happen. I’m sure it’s too much to ask for right now, but I’d sure love to have a stateside type sandwich shop here. That would be my favorite eating place here for sure. One birthday party down (it was alright) and the 2nd one is tomorrow. I think it will be better.

      1. not a sandwich shop but we do have a deli in legazpi. that has a lot of meat and cheese selection that they will slice.

    1. Well Scotty, Lita and I are glad and we also enjoyed having you and Jen here. I hope that next time you visit you will be able to stay longer. We should be in Texas in September, but I’m not sure we’ll be able to get up your way or not. It’s not exactly around the corner and we are always short on money when we travel, or anytime really. I’d really love to be able to travel around in the US for awhile, but that would take “mega bucks” and we are just lucky to have “bucks”. Anyway, it was good finally seeing you, and especially seeing Jen. I hope we will continue our talks via comments and maybe another video chat now and then.

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