June 25, 2024

9 thoughts on “Our Long, Short Space A Trip 10

  1. UJ,

    I agree the Navy crew was blowing smoke up every ones butt!! I flew as a navy crewman for 12 years all over south east asia based out of the old cubi point. And not one times did we ever require an acceptance approval for anyone regardless who they were or where they were going. As long as they had an ID they were good in my eyes, and it was their issue to deal with what ever immigration came up. Usually it was just some make believe stamp and you were good. As I used to make the decision on who we carried, of course active duty came first, then i put retirees second, most dependents unless accompanied by a active duty spouse were just screwing off and sightseeing so I put them dead last.

  2. The ship I was on in 1967 pulled into Guam was going to stay for 2 weeks and then head to Subic. I talked the XO into letting me go on 30 day leave to the Philippines and meet the ship in Subic. But the AF would not let me Hop out of Guam because they said I did not have Set of Order to enter the Philippines. So had to wait for ship to pull into Subic before going on leave.

  3. Next time ise to go Malaysia with Cebu pacific costly only 450$ back an fort for 2 person.trust me is a pain less.

    1. We have been going to Hong Kong every other year and it’s pretty cheap for tickets there, less than $450. If you read all the posts you will know that when we started out, we planned to go to Texas. It was the year to go there, but it just didn’t work out. We will get to Texas next year though.

  4. Just finished catching up on your journey. Man I must tell you I don’t think me or my wife would have the patience to go through what you and your wife are going threw. Glad you have met some great people to help you along the way. And sorry you didn’t get back to Texas.
    On another note I hope the rain stops for a little while tonight so we can get to the cemetery and spend a little time at the grave of my wife mother.

    1. It sure wasn’t the most rewarding trip we have taken, but at least I learned some things and got to do something different. The people we met really did help things go a lot smoother.
      I think it quit raining for awhile, at least around here.

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