May 23, 2024

2 thoughts on “Our Long, Short Space A Trip 1

  1. I guess I forgot to tell you about our most recent DLTB bus trip last month. We paid the extra price for the “Greyhound” series because it has the CR on board. Less than 2 hours into the trip, someone got sick and never quite made it to the toilet and tossed their Buko Pie all over the CR floor. The conductor was furious, mainly because nobody fessed up to the crime and because he had to clean it up (actually he refused and the driver stopped in some barangay and they hired a janitor to come on board and clean the CR… probably out of the conductor’s pocket!)Maybe that was the straw that broke the camels back and the reason they now provide barf bags, at leas on his routes anyway. We never did use the CR that entire trip. Oh, and the roads go bad as soon as you hit the Northern Samar boundary line (N. Samar must get less money for roads apparently, or… well, you know…??)

    1. I believe you did mention something about someone getting sick. Maybe it was the same bus, who really knows. I would not have cleaned it up either, that’s just too gross.
      Yeah I figured it was the Northern Samar boundary, but wasn’t too sure on that. Whatever it is, the roads suck going north.

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