March 23, 2023

8 thoughts on “Our 39th Anniversary Meal

  1. UJ,
    You’ll never win the battle of places to eat. Even my asawa wants to eat at the places I can’t stand. There’s one asian buffet not far from us that puts on quite a large menu from asian to american and mexican dishes. All of the dishes and yes I’ve tried a truck load of them are about as flat tasting as a piece of cardboard, but she seems to really enjoy the food..wth ??? I realized after buying a bunch of sweets at bakery in cavite one time, the filipino sweets are practically sweet less and tasted rather bland as well, ie: hardly any taste at all. So i figured this place must remind her of home..bland tasteless food but lots of it to fill you up. Alas, I declined to go there the last time we ate out but selected a mexican place that slams the good food at you and lots of it as well. Your taste buds just water from the smell from their kitchen and starting it off with an ice cold corona was a damn good start to boot. And the cost, well lets just say a few bucks more than the tasteless buffet but well worth it.

    1. To me, you made the right choice. What did the asawa think? Did it change her mind about what good food actually tastes like? My wife likes the buffets like that also, but, lucky for me, the ones that she like in the US, are ones that I like also. Dang! Some good Mexican food would sure be nice to have right now. A Corona to begin is not a bad idea either. Maybe even a couple more Coronas while I was there.

      1. Naw, she said the mexican food was good but i could tell she was only saying that cause i frigging loved it, especially the coronas ha ha. To this day i don’t get why most filipinos like buffets even if the food is bland as dirt, but then again i guess bland is their favorite flavor. Kinda like halo halo they have there, we went to the supposed best halo halo place called Digman’s there in cavite. I could have just eaten crushed ice with lemon and got more flavor than I did from their halo halo’s, absolutely flat flavor and who the hell eats beans in a supposed ice cream desert..geez, guess I’ll never figure that one out.

        1. People do often just say they like something, okay, if they see someone they love enjoys it. Filipinos do that a lot. I’m sure my wife would not like Coronas and if she didn’t like the food, she would say so to me, but we’ve been married 39 years, so she has learned to speak her mind. I do the same with her.
          I have never eaten any halo-halo, mostly because of the weird ingredients. I do like beans, but not in my dessert. Oh well, different people like different things. That’s what makes us all different.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sad to hear Marcials grill has gone down hill. Were the ribs still among the best here?

    1. Thanks. We hope to make it another 39 years. That’s doubtful, but we can try. The ribs were still good and so were the spring rolls. I think that this last trip may have taken a bit of the allure for the place out of Lita though. It’s probably going to still be her favorite restaurant until something new comes along. I can’t understand why she doesn’t like Mango as much as I do.

  3. Happy Anniversary John to you and Lita may you have many more to come. The wife and I have had so many we now have to use calculator to keep up with count. Ha! Ha!

    1. Thanks George. We are trying to catch up with y’all, but the no matter how long we go you still seem to stay ahead of us.

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