May 25, 2024

4 thoughts on “Our 2015 Journey 7

  1. UJ,

    I can’t imagine being stuck in a C-12 from Kadena to Manila, as I flew that route for what seemed like a million times when I stationed at Naval Air Station Cubi Point back in the day. Luckly we rarely stayed in Manila, just dropped a few pax and continued on the Cubi Pt. Your trips back home to Belton and back sound like an adventure I would also enjoy doing if I were single. Your wife is a brave soul to do such, let alone end up in Belton…hahaha. But then again, having also grown up around Belton, Temple and killeen/Harker Heights area I remember wanting to go home there a lot after wanting to leave so badly while growing up. I hope you next trip home is easier and more expeditious one with few delays or layovers. Hell I live just up the road from (Belton/Killeen) there, 6 hour drive and I haven’t been back since my folks passed away 4 years ago. But I did make 2 trips back to Cavite and had a few beers, well ok maybe more than few. I guess living there so long while in the military kinda grew on me, plus understanding and speaking tagalog makes life a lot easier as well.

    1. I didn’t mind the C-12. I had plenty of leg room and the flight was smooth. We will be heading back to Belton next year and I also hope it’s a smooth trip with no extended delays. It could be tougher next time because Travis and Hickam are both not open 24/7 anymore. Maybe with a little planning I’ll be able to get a room in billeting before departing, just in case we need it I know that the billeting offices on base understand Space A, but I would cancel with them just as soon as I was sure I’d be getting on a flight or after I arrive at the next location, if it’s still during check in hours.
      I still do not speak Tagalog, despite being married to a Filipina for 35+ years, but I can help you drink some beers. My wife likes traveling Space A because she doesn’t like spending money for the flights. If I can get a commercial flight with a big sale, she’d be okay with that, but otherwise, she’d take Space A.

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