April 12, 2024

4 thoughts on “Our 2015 Journey 6

  1. come on acourse she found things to complain about. heck my wife could be gone a hour and find someething that I didn’t do while she was out. so I’ve come to the dicision not to do anything when she’s gone for they day.
    if she was gone for 4 days and got back and ask what I’ve been doing. I would just tell her nothing but haveing wild women over parting and singing karokee. she would just laugh and say write I know you haven’t been singing karokee. at least she wouldn’t deny the parting. LOL>>>>

    1. She didn’t say anything about the wild women? Well for me it’s easy for mine to believe “Nothing”. That’s basically what I do is nothing. That should change though once I get old enough to start collecting social security. We’ll have extra money to do things then. Actually by the middle of next year things should pick up a little and maybe we’ll get a few in country trips done and/or maybe I’ll even get the 6 pax pickup truck I’ve been wanting. As for karaoke, well neither of us do that usually. On occasion I will, but it scares people I think. My wife is the worst singer I know. I guess I’ll be a good husband and continue to do things that she can complain about, which is basically anything she doesn’t agree with anyway.

    1. Yes she did. She was gone for 4 nights. Seems that while she was gone though I didn’t make any mistakes on anything. After she returned though she starting finding things. It’s strange but after being married so long (35 years, 7 months and 2 weeks as of today) I kind of missed her complaining advice.

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