May 23, 2024

7 thoughts on “Old Random Thoughts

  1. Wow, you watch way too much TV! You should get out and explore more. Oh wait, I suggested that to you last year. lol If I were thinking of going 6mos/6mos between the U.S. and Philippines, I would not invest in a vehicle. It just would not be worth the headache of insurance, maintenance, etc. Just my thoughts. Why are you concerned with Bernie Sanders health care when you have TRICARE? If you moved back, you would re-enroll in TRICARE Prime.
    I see George is still online but I can’t never get hooked up with him on facebook though.

    1. It’s not TV I’m watching, they are all on the computer. I should explore more, it’s the getting out that is the problem, especially these days with the leg. I have to load up on sun block each time I go out also. I have TRICARE, but it’s not worth too much to me, I still have to pay for it all upfront first, and for anything major, I won’t be able to afford that. I had TRICARE Prime before and I liked that. It worked well for us.

  2. Hi, thanks for passing by my blog! 🙂 Your blog name “Texan in the Philippines” is quite eyecatching so I decided to drop by, as well. My brother-in-law is a Filipino who lived in Dallas for around 13 years, but he’s back now here in Manila. Anyway, totally unrelated, but just wanted to mention it, haha!

    Again, just wanted to say thanks again for taking time to read my post about Japan. See ya! 🙂

    1. No problem. I was just looking through blogs and found a story that looked interesting. I’ll be looking around in there again.

  3. From reading Handbook from Medicare which you can access at Medicare.Gov. If you are not Receiving SS when you turn 65 you are not Auto signed up for. Nila did not sign up for SS until she was 67 and the only reason I sign her up for Medicare was I got Notice from Tricare that she had to sign up at 65 or she would be dropped from Tricare Prime because she had to go Tricare for Life. When I tried to sign her up on Internet. They called and said they had no record she was even Citizen. I said what the Hell you have been collecting Medicare and SS payments for 30 years and you do not even know who you are collecting it from. So had to take Marriage and Citizen Papers to SS and show them. Before I could sign her up for Medicare. When she decided to Retire from Company. Just signed her up for SS 3 months before 67 on Internet and she started receiving SS when she turned 67.Her SS is also deducted 119.00 a month for Medicare payments.

  4. Hey John I thought you was taking Pills to keep your Gout under Control for your legs? I just had Operation to repair Hernia which I had for about 6 months. Had done out Patient that’s where you go in and they repair you and go home in couple of hours. Doctor said I could not lift any thing heaver then Can of Beer for next couple of weeks until I heal. So have to have Son in-law to make my beer runs. As for Paying Income Tax the Feds and States still make you pay Income Taxes on all Income even if Retirement or SS. When you turn 65 they will make you sign up for Medicare and take $ 119.00 out of SS to pay for it. If you do not sign up when turning 65 for Medicare they will charge you more the rest of your life for late Signing. So like they say nothing is free not even Retirement Income. Even though we have Medicare and Tricare for Life and go to State University Hospital which is Funded by Tax Payers money. We still have out of pocket cost for Medical Care. They will get you one way or the other.

    1. Howdy George. It’s not gout that I have this time. Since I’ve been taking the medication I have not had any bouts with that. This was something different.
      As for Medicare, well I still have 7 more years for that, so there is not telling how things will change before then. I was under the impression that when you got 65 that they ‘automatically’ signed you up for Medicare. Lita is past 65 and she has not signed up. Hell if they take $119 of her money there won’t be much of it left. She didn’t work too many jobs in her life that they took social security out. I guess we’ll have to visit the social security office the next time we are in Texas. That should be this September.
      I hope things go well for you after that operation. It’s a good thing that you can at least lift a can of beer or Nila would have to hold it for you. I’ll see y’all when we do. I hope it won’t be too long before we do though.

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