My Computer Upgrade


Working with computers I was always good at.  Working on computers, I’m only fair.  Recently I had the inside of my computer case cleaned.  It was way, way past due to be clean.  Since I was unsure of the best way to get that done, since I don’t have a little air compressor or a can of air, I hired someone to do it for me.  That someone being Scott Torres.  I’m glad I did too.  Not only did he clean out my computer case, but he also made my keyboard look brand new, inside and out.  There were all kinds of stains on my keyboard.  I had the foresight to get before and after pictures, check it out.  Just cleaning the keyboard took over an hour to accomplish.  He took the keyboard completely apart and cleaned every single part on the inside also.  A really thorough job that required some very tedious work.


I should have taken before and after pictures of the inside of my computer case.  To give you an idea of just how dirty it was, it had not been cleaned at all since I arrived here in 2010.  There was dust on everything.  Scott had the patience to take it all apart and use a small brush to clean every component.  There’s no way I would have the patience to do that.   

In addition to all that, he introduced me to a new browser.  It is called Brave.  This browser actually blocks trackers and ads for you.  I’ve had Brave for about a month and it has already blocked over 1225 trackers and over 54,650 ads.  It was a bit wrong at first because my Google ads for my websites would not work, but then I discovered that you can elect to not block ads/trackers per page.  So the few pages that I actually need not blocked, I can unblock.  So far it’s great and the best browser I have ever used.  I’d recommend giving it a try.  

We did have a bit of a problem with my audio enhancer using Brave, but Scott fixed that also.  He fixed it even after he left and was at home.  How did he do that?  With TeamViewer.  You can give someone permission to be on your computer to do what needs to be done, even when they are not physically here.  He has used that in the past to help me with my computer also.  In fact, if you need some computer work done, and it can be done online, then he could help you also.  If you live not too far from Calbayog, he would even come to your house to fix it.  I’m sure he’d charge a fee for his transportation, plus the computer services, but if you need it done, he can most likely do it.  If he can’t, he’ll tell you ahead of time anyway.

If you’re wondering how much he charged me for all the cleaning and work that he did for me, I’ll tell you.  For everything I mentioned, and a couple of things I forgot, he only charged me P1000.  That’s like $20 to have everything looking new and running better than it has in many years.  It was well worth it for me.  My computer runs a little faster and I haven’t seen a pop-up ad since the upgrade, even while watching YouTube videos.  As I’m sitting here thinking about it, I don’t remember any ads popping up in the middle of my YouTube videos either.  I hate for the video to be interrupted in the middle of something I’m watching.  I don’t believe that has happened since the upgrade.  I never thought about it until I started this paragraph.  I’m going to watching that more closely and see.


In conclusion, I’d recommend Scott to do your computer work.  He’s been working on my computer for years and I’ve had very few problems with it.  The good thing is that if there was a problem because of something he did, he fixed it without any additional charge.

For the next post, I have a little adventure to tell you about a recent trip in my first jeepney ride in a long time.  I’ve been on jeepneys before, but this was an experience like something I’ve never done before.

****After I finished this post I received a more detailed price list from Scott.****

Programming is P700, Deep Cleaning is P500, Cleaning of Laptop is P1500, P1000 and P500 depending on Accessibility installing programs are P100 standard size and up to P300 for programs that take a long time to install and configure. Special request software P300-P500 depending on the size. Basic tune-up P150. Diagnosis is Free. CCTV is P1000/Cam. Configuring network P300.  Upgrading OS P500 for 1 or P300/each on 5 or more. I also charge P100 for travel when going to areas outside of the main city.

Salamat Y’all