June 16, 2024

2 thoughts on “My Cebu Trip

  1. UJ,
    Glad to see your still kicking, hadn’t seen any updates for a while so i assumed you went over to Guam or back to Texas to get your leg looked at as it was giving you some major issues. I see in the pic Mactan airport seems to be a pretty nice airport now. Way back many a year ago while i was in the Navy stationed at Cubi Pt in the Subic area, we had to fly some u.s. military donated medical supplies and cases of medications down there due to a hospital burning down, and we had to buzz the runway to get the people and animals off the runway so we could land as it was basically just an old military field from many years ago and had not yet been built up like it is now. And the whole frigging city it seemed turned out for the delivery, hell they even had a small military parade pass in formation in our honor which floored us all and then enough food to feed just about the entire town. The P.I sure has changed over the years…that’s for sure. We’ll be heading over there this November to Cavite area, i doubt we’ll be coming down to where your at as the wife has no family there and she won’t want to fly again after the long haul from Oklahoma to Manila which is right at 24 hours travel time. Stay safe and take care of that leg amigo !!

    1. I’ll really agree that it was a long while before I did anything for the blog. I even thought about just doing nothing and letting it go. I couldn’t make myself do that though. I mustered up enough and did a post and have been trying to keep it going since. It’s hard to write about things when you don’t do much.
      I’m not as old as you and I was never stationed in the Philippines so I don’t remember Cebu as anything but a large city. The first time I was in the PI was in 1984. Even then I was strictly between Angeles City and Manila. The only significant place I visited at that time was Camp John Hay in Baguio.
      The legs are doing pretty good. They still swell up some but I just started new medication that is supposed to take care of that. It seems that, when my ‘medical’ compression socks arrive I will have to start putting those on every morning to prevent them from swelling at all and to help the blood flow to make the brown on my lower legs go back to whatever shade of white my skin is.
      Time for some coffee now and maybe some grits or just some buttered toast. I’ll see after I get in the kitchen. I need to shave also.
      Thanks for hanging in there with the blog while I figured out things.

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