April 13, 2024

4 thoughts on “Monday – 6 Sep 2010

  1. Oops. I didn’t get to complete this sentence: “You seem to have made the transition from WordPress” WITHOUTH MUCH TROUBLE. There.

    Just as well I had to write again since I forgot to say that when you asked about “Reverof” again, I paid attention and by jove, I got it! Better than naming the boy “Erpmeis” – Spanish for the same word. Hahaha.

    1. Didn’t have too much trouble, but since I am a rookie at this blog thing, I did have some difficulties. My blog guru helped quite a bit though.
      By jove, you did get it. Wonder if anyone else will. Don’t tell them, they can figure it out, sooner or later.

  2. Good to see you up and running again, John! Thought the brown out lasted longer than normal. You seem to have made the transition from WordPress.

    I truly enjoy reading your blog of life in the Philippines. I’m originally from Southern Leyte, so you can see where some of the interest lies. But it’s probably mostly because your writing style is very honest; I appreciate that.

    Keep on typing!

    1. You keep on reading, I’ll keep on typing. I’ll try not to bore you, and I’ll always be honest. I can go back and look, but where did you say you were from in Southern Leyte? We probably went right through it on the way to Tambis.

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