May 23, 2024

2 thoughts on “Monday – 6 Dec 2010

  1. Hi JJ. You going to break down and buy rechargeables now? Batteries, I mean. 🙂 If you need 2 for the camera be sure to get 4. Right now in NorthAm the average charger-and-4-batteries combo start at approximately P800 or twenty bucks.

    Have you found out yet what your monthly electrical bill is? How is the BBQ biz doing?

    I’ll have to go back and read your Saturday blog; I think I missed that. Congratulations on the weight loss! Just remember to eat more fruit and veggies.

    Regarding your planned changes to this blog, I’ll exclude myself from commenting about this as I read about 5 Philippines newspapers on line daily -or whenever I get enough time- so news briefs won’t affect me either way.

    Can’t seem to access the images in this new format for my smilies.

    Keep typing!

    1. I don’t know, maybe I should get rechargeable batteries. I’ve never had any, but I guess I could.
      I wonder how many times you can charge them before they are no good? Yeah I would get 4 if I’m going to do it.
      Not sure about the ‘monthly’ bill yet, but in the 6 Dec post I mentioned the bill we did get.
      That bill of slightly over P22,000 was for 5 months, so not that bad. That was probably including some start fee also, since it was from the beginning.
      Keep reading!

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