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5 thoughts on “Monday – 3 Oct 2011

  1. A friend and I hit the Shakeys at SM Clark several times a week specifically because of the bottomless drinks. They are very attentive with refills for a while but the longer we are there, the less we see of them which I suppose is their subtle way of saying we have been there too long.

    1. Yeah, the 1st 2 or 3 glasses is not a problem. After that you have to hunt them down. At #7, I just started asking anyone that worked there or once got up and started to get it myself.

  2. Yea John your power supply sounds just likethe problem we had in Subic,sometimes the 220 woulddrop allthe way down to 170.You might call the power company and ask about a new transformer,you might luck out and they will do it.
    Might even be better to have your pepsi partners call and ask,they might get better results.
    On a seoerate topic my wife and i just sent four boxs to Calbayog and was wondering how much Ado would charge to take them to Tarangdan,it is about 90 min.from your place to there.Two of my inlaws would go with to show the way.

    1. I’ll ask him tonight when I see him. I’m sure he would be happy for the extra income, they sure need it.

    2. He said that, including gas (both ways) and calculating the missed fares he would normally have, P3000. I thought it was a little high until he told me it would be about P600-P700 just for the gas. So if you like that price, just let me know more of the details and he will be ready. He doesn’t care the time of day either, so if it ends up being an early morning or late night thing, he’s game. He was pretty happy I asked him, so thanks for thinking about him.

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