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8 thoughts on “Monday – 15 Nov 2010

  1. you can retrieved your deleted file uj in your recycle bin….you just make it restore, just click the limewire that have been deleted then click restore.Good day!

    1. Tried that, it didn’t work. I thought it would too. Don’t know why it didn’t. I’m keeping all files until I figure it out, or finally give up.

  2. Great Blog, i have read the whole lot over the last week or so, keep it going, i like reading about the Philippines and one day hope to retire there with my family.
    I’m married to a filipina and we have a daughter, actually they will be arriving here in Australia friday morning as my wife got her Spouse Visa the other week, ive been to the Philippines 4 times in the last 2-3 years.
    A suggestion for something to write about could be your experience the first time you visited the Philippines, How many times did you visit the before you moved there? What about your offspring, have they ever visited the Philippines?
    Anyway i enjoy reading your Blog, keep writing.

    Regards, Jack

    1. Glad to have you here and reading Jack. Always glad to have new readers because they don’t come around that often anymore. Well I’m glad your wife got that Visa thing taken care of and your family will be with you soon. I’ll bet you are really looking forward to next Friday.
      You know I may write a little something about that in today’s blog. I’m stuck for material today, again and I can add some of that in there.
      Very glad you enjoy the blog, and I hope you return often and leave lots of comments.

  3. Yup. Mah-nah-nahng-gahl. Not may-nay-nayng-gale 🙂

    Boxing is a ruthless, savage occupation but to his credit Pacman has done well. I hope he retires before he gets his brains knocked around too much and sustain irreversible damage. Not a penny from my pocket has gone into the millions he’s getting from the ring. Pardon me, ten world titles in eight weight divisions. Didn’t bother to watch the sport til Paquiao vs. Hatton in a short clip online on one of the country’s dailies. Man, he’s fast and packs a deadly southpaw wallop.

    I agree – much rather not have school drop outs enter politics but he seems determined to be in it after failing on the first try. He left school because of extreme poverty but he got his high school GED in 2007. Now that he’s been elected, the rest of the Filipinos is left to hope he won’t become another crook like most of the other pols.

    Keep typing!

  4. I try to make it to Calbayog every year from last week of April to first week of June except the years when they have fire works. Which is every six years.

  5. Where the heck did that gruesome ma-na-nang-gal come from, JJ? Ugh.

    When you mentioned a camp site into which the men were lugging the bamboo benches, was that when you had a picnic by [or some went swimming in] the river? I assume today’s photos were all taken in Tambis, right? Got to keep these things straight in my mind 😉

    Pacquaio’s fight. Margarito’s size was definitely a huge factor in his being able to avoid a KO. I think Manny is better off concentrating on being a good elected official now that he got himself elected as rep. Eight world titles is much more than enough.

    Are you going to the gym, yet? 🙂 Six more months until Jaclyn and family arrive!

    1. So I didn’t say it right, but I was close. I just wanted to put something up that most of the rest of the world had no clue about, and that stuck in my mind while I was looking through pictures.
      Yes, I only called it a campsite because we did start a couple of little fires on the ground.
      All pictures from yesterday were taken in Tambis unless otherwise specified in the description.
      I don’t care for boxing or for people you get elected in politics that don’t even have a high school education.
      No I am not going to the gym yet, but I was thinking about it again this morning. I’m starting to see flabby stuff hanging. Not much, but it may get worse.
      6 more months? It’s closer to 5 1/2. Just messing with you Winda. I’ll be glad to see Jaclyn (and the goodies she brings), Matt and Wyatt. Maybe I’ll start out with a picture of them on today’s blog so y’all can see them. I’ll dig up what I have.

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