May 24, 2024

4 thoughts on “Monday – 11 Oct

  1. John do they have a SM mall in Tacloban it would sure be nice to go there
    toshop at there supermarket,really liked the one in Angeles.I bet when gary shows up it will be like christmas santa bringing gifts.Sounds like the last few days the brown outs havent lasted to long.How do you like your new internet service,hope it is what you were hopeing for.

    1. The biggest mall in Tacloban is Robinson Mall, not near as big as SM malls. The supermarket in Robinson’s is okay, but it’s not that super. It’s more of a “prettygoodmarket” than a “supermarket”.
      Yeah, when Gary shows up it will be like Christmas, except I have to pay for my own presents. But I sure will be happy.
      The longest brownout lately has been almost an hour. None yesterday. Hope no more either.
      New internet service is so far, so good. I haven’t had any of those long waits when trying to get to things. My longest wait has been about 5 seconds. I can live with that. The 5 minute waits were just too much.

  2. October 2010 has 5 Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays. It happened in Jan.& Oct. 1982, Jan & Oct 1993, Jan & Oct 1999, Jan & Oct 2010 and will happen again in 2021, same months. Only 11 years to wait for the next one 😉

    Here are 2 links that you should read. It’s important to remember that this does not apply to any particular country; it applies to ALL countries the world over. The message? Every business large and small should have checks and balances in effect:

    This is a 3-day weekend: Thanksgiving in Canada and Columbus Day in the US of A. Nov. 11 is the next statutory holiday celebrated by both countries: Veterans [US], Remembrance [Canada] – the 3rd for the same reason, Christmas and New Year being the other two.

    Well, it’s been a trivia event 🙂 !

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