May 25, 2024

2 thoughts on “Mango Nutty Christmas

  1. UJ,
    Hope you all have a great xmas there in 2021, temps here arn’t much different than here this year and in the 80’s down in Texas my sister says. Was hoping to be there this year for xmas but the damn covid issue is still hanging around plus they still have 6 day quarantine upon arriving in manila, so i told the asawa maybe next year. Stay safe and hope your electric holds out with not too many brown outs.

    Take care partner
    John D

    1. Thanks John. It was an okay Christmas. Certainly nothing like we had when we were both working and were around the kids and grandkids. It’s okay though. I like warm weather so I don’t miss any cold. We’ve been stuck here because of COVID restrictions and I’d really like to get to Texas for a visit. I think my wife is not too excited about it though. We’ll have to figure out a way where I can go alone and return still using our balikbayan. Maybe have her meet me in Singapore, Korea, Japan or Guam and then travel back with me. I don’t know all restrictions for all those places right now. Just got out of a brownout last night. I don’t know how long it was, 4 or 5 hours I guess. I went to sleep and the power was back on when I woke up. I just turned out all the lights left on and went back to sleep. I hope you are able to get back soon and COVID will just go away as a problem.

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