April 22, 2024

11 thoughts on “Juvic’s Job Offer

  1. UJ, about the job offer, they wanted me to meet some British agents from their company branch in Manila and they are all male. They said they’re going to send airfare for me and would get me a hotel room while I’m there so I immediately ignored them. Something fishy was going on.

    1. Nice work Juvic. Whether it is legit or not is not even the question in a case like that. I don’t know how they could expect a decent woman to even consider a thing like that. Maybe the answer is they were not looking for a decent woman. The sad thing is that they will probably find someone to do it. Whether it is a good opportunity or just a way to get a woman alone we may never know, but I think you made the right decision.
      Juvic, I didn’t even know you read the blog. Maybe you just saw something on the Facebook because I know you spend a lot of time on there and the blog posts get posted there.

  2. Howdy UJ,

    Been on the road for the last few months, so I haven’t seen your site in a while..but it’s looking good. I concur with some of your other readers about the job offer, sounds rather fishy to me but then again in my line of work i trust no one..ha! ha! ha!. Had a niece there that got something similar last year, she was all excited and ready to work for a company that sounded legit. A few calls here and there and a few e-mails back and forth etc etc, that is until they wanted her to wire 12,000 pesos to someone in Cebu to release the company laptop they were sending her. And the 12,000 was just a security deposit but would be returned to her after one month of employment with their company..yea right!!. So she forwarded her emails to me and I checked them out. Total scam as the company had a great website but totally fake, company in the UK but send money to Cebu..w.t.f. over? Tagged their IP to a front company in manila, their site looked totally legit, but wasn’t. Don’t let me get ya down on her job prospects, and hope it works out for her, just cover her back cause these scams lure people into doing crazy things to get a job that was never really there. PS: drove through Belton and Killeen last week…thought of you while there.

    John D

    1. The last couple of days Juvic hasn’t mentioned that job offer. I think she has shied away from it because she is too afraid that it is not legit. They have a job fair at the Ciriaco on Thursday and Friday, so maybe she will go to that. It’s an easy commute to work.
      Some days I wish the transporters on Star Trek were reality and I could just teleport to and from Belton whenever I wanted to. Other days I’m glad to have the distance. These last few days, I want the transporter.

  3. It is wise to be cautious. I googled, binged and yahooed School 2000 and could not find any mention of scams or fraud. Usually if there is some kind of scam associated with a company or product, you can find those readily. I checked out their website and it seems legitimate to me. There were a few things in their website I found interesting.

    “School2010 works efficiently on Internet PC with XP.” Really? XP? Isn’t that a wee bit outdated?

    “School2000 is the company, School2010 is the name of the software version, to become School2012 in March 2012.” OK, it is March 2013 now so shouldn’t your website be updated to reflect the new software? Or isn’t there any new software yet?

    1. Thanks for the extensive checking out of School2000. I’ll be sure to let Juvic know about that too. I’m still not sure she will try it though. She seems to afraid to give it a try.
      I also noticed the same things you did. I use XP on my computer, but I know it is old. It works well for me and I like using Genuine. I can’t afford to buy the newer Win 7 or 8 anyway. Maybe, since they give out computers to schools, it’s less expensive to use XP than Windows 7 or 8. Sure it wouldn’t be the most current, but a lot better than having nothing.
      I just assumed on the software version that they don’t update it every year and if they are using XP, it might not need to be updated so much because it doesn’t change much anymore.
      Just my thoughts. I’m no where near a computer genius or anything.

  4. If this is a contractual type posistion, then the company should have no qualms about sending her a copy or sample contract for review. Since they are calling her, she could always ask for a company reference from other employees. Just some thoughts.

    1. Thank Randy. I’ll mention those things to her and let her decide if she wants to do that. Sounds like firm advice. Something like that could ease her mind a bit. I have not heard anything about a contract yet. I really don’t think she’s going to go through with it, but I’m not going to try to influence her either way. I’ll just state the facts as I know them.

  5. It sounds like a scam to me,but Juvic seems smart enough to be cautious.
    As long as she is very care full she might as well go along and see what happens.Hope she dosnt get her hopes up to high.

    1. I have already cautioned her to be careful and told her that if she feels comfortable with it, go for it. I figure if it’s a scam, they will eventually ask for money, but until then, it could be a legit job. She says she’s a little nervous about it, but I told her that was natural to be afraid doing something like this, especially for the first time.
      I know she is smart, but I don’t want her to not do it simply because she is scared of doing it.

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