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3 thoughts on “July 18, 2023

  1. Howdy UJ,
    Glad you still kicking and hanging in there. I worked with a guy from the Netherlands and once when he was on the phone talking to his family i thought he was having a stroke due the way he was talking …even he laughed when i told him what i heard and thought he was slurring his speech. He told me is was some kind of Dutch which sounded like gibberish to me….anyway it was rather funny at the time. Hope the philippines is treating you kind still, we’re heading over this coming November, but not close to where your at, we’ll be up on luzon all the time as thats where the asawa’s family is, and she now has early dementia so i want to get her back before she forgets all her family members before it’s too late. Oh and Doc Holliday is probably a good subject, I went to his so called girlfriends saloon (Big Nose Kates) in Tombstone AZ several years back, i was surprised it had not’ changed a bit according to the owners now, and yes we stood at the original bar and ordered a shot of whisky and beer just to say we had done it…even though it wasn’t a dollar hahaha. Same old same old here as like there, hot as hell rt now and even hotter down in TX so not much getting outside and keeping the a/c cranked down to keep it cool for sure. Stay safe amigo !!

    John D

    1. Thanks for still reading John, you might be the only one still here. Lita is also starting to forget a lot of things and she asks me the same questions several times per day. She stays in the bedroom watching tv about 1/2 of the day, then she sleeps in there another 1/4 of the day. I try to make her get outside more, but she’s stubborn. She has turned into a real home body. I think if I wasn’t around she would turn into one of those cat ladies. I think the only thing that might get her out of the house is that over at Mango they might be getting some lobster soon. I might be able to drag her over for that if I reserve the air conditioned room.
      As for Doc Holliday, I could be doing that soon. I just finished a poem about Dwight Eisenhower and The Rosetta Stone.
      I’d order a beer at that saloon but since my leg incident, I’m done with hard liquor, especially tequila. My leg is still improving but my mind is way ahead and I will not be getting drunk again in my life. I’ve even started drinking coffee more often. I do not drink more than 4 of the small bottles of Pilsen, or 1 liter and 1 small. I’m determined to never let that happen again. Actually, I should write a story about that and post it to my newer blog in PeakD. Yeah, that would be a good subject.
      Not so hot here but still so humid. I started walking again (I really need it). I’ve gone twice now and will be going at least 3 times per week with that walking partner (Tom) from The Netherlands. Our plan for now is to go every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After I get going maybe I’ll slip another day or 2 in there.
      It’s boring for us around here, but I don’t mind so much. I still have a few things to do outside and lots to do on the computer. I wish I could get her to take a trip to Cebu, Angeles or some place in the Philippines, even for a few days. That has proven tough to do and I don’t think I should be going by myself even though I’d like to get away for a few days.
      Talk with you after another post, soon I hope.

      John J

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