May 25, 2024

4 thoughts on “Journey into the Unknown – 4

  1. UJ,

    Can you give us a brief description of the Immigration formalities, both leaving the Haribon terminal and when you arrived on Guam? (I assume you landed at Andersen AFB, yes?)

    1. First be sure you are signed up (normal stuff). At Haribon fill out a departure card and your immigration card. Both are available at the desk up front. The luggage tags are also there. They will take you from Haribon to the Clark International Immigration. They will then bring you back to Haribon. They have been letting us keep any unnecessary bags in the locked office while at Immigration.
      At Guam (Andersen AFB), you just process through like any Immigration. Get any checked in bags, go through Immigration, then walk through their winding hallway to the front door.

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