May 23, 2024

8 thoughts on “Jalapeno Cat Spam Power Dance

  1. wi-fi is another easy way as well. skype between many counties works well too. My wife chats and video conferences daily with her family from UAE and RP.

    1. I do communicate with my relatives via Messenger, plus I have Skype to talk to a couple of other people. I think that if I did get a Magic Jack though, it would get used often.

  2. I’m just happy if my transistor radio still works in the garage when tinkering on the car :-). As for having a U.S. phone number there, my sister in law has a “magic jack” we sent her. Bought it here, had a local phone number assigned to it, then sent it to her in balikbayan box. So when her internet is on she just plugs it into her p.c. and then chat away. So if we call her it’s free as it’s a local area code, and the same for when she calls us, free. Your folks back in bell county can do the same thing, buy one, program it with a local area code, send it to ya, and all your calls to and from your family will be free. Work with a couple guys who also swear buy it when they go to the desert in saudi.

    1. I thought about that magic jack and started to get one, but never did. Next time I’m in the US I just may do that. My parents can’t afford to do anything. My Mom wouldn’t know how and wouldn’t attempt to and my Dad doesn’t have the patience to do anything new. I’ll just set it up then carry it back with us when we return.

  3. Regarding your Interesting Knowledge question:
    My first reaction was BS. I did a little google searching and found no definitive answer but most people that I read said it was hogwash.

    1. Well I guess I could have researched it. I don’t know why I didn’t. That’s why I mentioned it because it seemed weird. There must be someone out there that has been to Australia that knows the answer.

      1. Think about this for a minute. If the earth’s magnetic field had any substantial effect on performance of atomic electrons, basically everything electrical would be affected when you moved from any geographical location to another as the earth’s magnetic field changes in every direction of travel. Although distortions in the earth’s magnetic field are everywhere, effects are basically limited to navigational differences between true and magnetic directions. Besides, who uses cathode ray tubes these days?

        1. I don’t know Randy. It seemed weird to me, so that’s why I wanted opinions and/or facts on that. You are right about the CRTs though. I’m sure if there are still any out there, they are in remote locations, maybe 3rd world countries.

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