April 22, 2024

14 thoughts on “Gaisano, Robinsons Malls to Open in Calbayog City

    1. I’ll have to take your word for that. I can’t see the contract. But I’m happy about it. I hope they are up and running before the end of next year.

      1. actually if you check Calbayog Tourism Facebook, the start of construction will be on January 2012 and the target completion if October 2012

        1. I did go there to check. I should do that more often too. I left a nice message there, maybe it will answer more questions I have.

  1. Help me locate the right person to speak with, i live here in Calbayog for almost one year the Magsaysay to RFM from Pido road is very much an embarassment in its condition, who would i talk to about its repair, im very proud of my new hometown except for this road that my Family and i use daily.

    1. I don’t know who to talk to yet, but I may be able to find out. Robinson mall will be built over at RFM so maybe they will want something done about that road. Maybe it is already in the plans of the city since Robinson’s will be a major economy boost. I have a cousin at city hall, I will ask her. I think Qais knows someone in city hall also. Maybe he has the answer.

    2. The road is actually still unfinished, the original sketches were beautiful, but the mayor and the owner of the RFM, had some issues with each other (some personal family business involving politics) so the road wasn’t finished, the road to RFM (to the town of sta. margarita) was supposed to be a 4-lane road, I think the road will be reconstructed soon since we have a new mayor maybe you should inquire inside the city hall

      1. Thanks for the insight on that road Qais. I also think it’s an eyesore and I know people that avoid it because it is so bad. Maybe a lot of people need to inquire inside city hall. There is strength in numbers. But I still think it is probably going to be fixed soon because of the mall, new wet market and the bus stations being there now. It would only make sense, but it wouldn’t hurt to inquire to be sure.

          1. I believe RFM stands for Rawis Farmer’s Market. It actually has not been there that long as per my understanding, but they are tearing it all down I believe to put up the Robinson Mall. If I would get my lazy a$$ over there, I could take some pictures of what it looks like now.

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