June 25, 2024

6 thoughts on “Food for Sandwich Blog

  1. John,

    Have you checked out the Social Security website – SSA.GOV, it will provide an estimate of how much you will receive if you say claim at 60 or 65. Also, can apply online, although I havent done so.

      1. That would be a helpful write up for you to do. How to apply for SS benefits when outside the USA.

        1. I could just write about what we had to do. That wouldn’t necessarily be the only way, but it would be ‘a way’. I did write a little about that already.

  2. If that is still the same ferry boat at Calbayog pier which I took a couple of years ago to Cebu. I would not waste my money on stateroom. If the wind shifts the outside supply air which they call A/C is sucking the exhaust from the engines and putting it into the rooms and we ended up sleeping on deck anyway without refund.

    1. According to Mar, the ferry boat no longer runs from Calbayog to Cebu. We will be going to another port to catch the ferry, but I’ll remember about the State room just in case.

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