June 25, 2024

2 thoughts on “Friday – 3 Sep 2010

  1. He used coconut wood. There are tons of that here. He did a very good job on the stain though, didn’t he? To me it made it look like more expensive wood. Your so very funny on the complicated question issue. NOT. Is Ligaya a US citizen? Not sure I ever knew. Anyway, if you are married to a former Philippines citizen and you are travelling together, when you get to the Manila (or I guess any major airport here)(only 3 that I know of) they will ask you how long you plan to stay. Just tell them something between 6 months and 1 year and they will stamp your passport with a bilikbayan (not positive on the spelling on that) visa that is good for 1 year. Before that 1 year is up, y’all need to travel out of the Philippines, doesn’t matter where, come back at least 1 day later (or 1 week or 1 month…whatever) and the process starts all over again. You got that kano?

  2. Yeah I saw the pictures. It all looks realy good. Curious what type of wood he used. I’m guessing there aren’t alot of oak trees lol. Ask questions as long as they are not “too complicated” , It will be VERY difficult to come up with questions that are simplistic enough for you, jk 😉 Do you have a visa to live there or how does that part work? Or are you a Filipino now ?

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