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4 thoughts on “Friday – 28 Jan 2011

  1. Oh, you may want to widen the right margin’s hot spot on this comments section. There doesn’t seem to be a way to alter the size of this strip so that one can read the whole width of the feedback (and your replies)once they’re posted. I thought it might just be my pc, but it’s the same no matter which one I use. [I’ve been asked by a few of my relatives in the land of smiles for a used PC, so I’m planning to leave my 4-year-old Toshiba laptop there next time I go. In the process there was a really good sale for a Netbook, those itty-bitty things, so I got one. If I could only take my old desktop without having to pay extra weight luggage charges, I’d take that, too.]

    Get real well. Real soon!

    1. It’s odd that I haven’t had complaints from anyone else. Maybe it’s due to my recent change to the front page of the blog? I’ll check into that also and see what I can do.
      We just shipped my desktop in a Balikbayan box along with many other items. That way we went took care of many needs all at the same time.
      I’m well, and I remembered to take my medication this morning already.

  2. Hi JJ!

    I finally caught up with your blog; it’s been such a whirlwind of a week for me and the next two will probably be the same. We had planned to go back to SL in January so I can finish a few things at the beach shack like the perimeter fence, etc. But the deluge there brought on by the exceptionally extreme La Nina phenomenon kept me from actually booking seats. If it rained nonstop (well, more than what’s tolerable) then I won’t be able to get much work done; it’d be a waste of time, not to mention the air fare. 🙁 My cousin in Cebu said “they” are talking it may not ease up until March.

    OK. I found the water filtration system that I dug up after your comment on drinking boiled water there. It’s under “Guest Posts.” Thanks for adding the photo. I want to make it clear that gal in the pix is not me. 🙂

    We could start bombarding them with inquiries regarding WHEN the system would be in the market. If they knew there’s a mountain of interest in that project, they may just pick up the tempo a bit. First we need to find the department’s contact number. If you find it first, let me know. Thanks.

    Re your recent gout attack, nothing like unbearable pain to make the memory sharper, right? :0

    Keep typing!


    1. Glad you are finally caught up, you sure do get busy at times.
      Yes there has been a lot of rain, more than normal, all over the Philippines so I’m not surprised if some areas are worse off than others. No sense in wasting all that money for nothing, but you still could come to just visit.
      Yes I created the “Guest Posts” just for your post. Well not ‘just’ for yours, but yours is the first.
      I’ll look for that phone # and I’ll let you know what I come up with.
      That’s right, unbearable pain is a definite motivator.
      Keep Reading!

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